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Mavenir systems helps service providers subvert Ott services. Mavenir systems, a leading company providing software based networking solutions, announced that its 4G LTE software solution enables mobile operators to subvert Ott applications by using LTE voice solutions, and helps them launch a series of innovative services, such as HD voice, Wi Fi calling and video calling, The latest generation of 4G LTE devices provide native support for these services

mavenir systems president and CEO 7 There is an obstacle in the lifting process of the pendulum. Pardeep Kohli said: many smart vendors, such as Samsung and apple, are launching new devices that can provide native support for advanced services implemented by our technology. This is an important milestone in the mature 4G LTE device ecosystem, which will give mobile operators confidence to compete with and defeat the popular Ott service providers, which are expected to exceed 30billion pieces in 2016

the second disruptive element is the introduction of seamless mobility as a new feature of the latest devices such as Apple iPhone 6 to ensure that users will not be interrupted when moving between LTE coverage areas and Wi Fi hotspot areas. For example, using seamless mobility ensures that voice calls you establish through Wi Fi access at home, office or coffee shop can be seamlessly transferred to the LTE network without interruption, and vice versa

Mavenir? With the recently released evolutionary packet data gateway (EPDG) and its deep mobile expertise to support this new function, it has previously provided customers with alternative solutions based on universal mobile access (UMA) and voice call continuity (VCC) technologies

the third disruptive element is the introduction of new services within the multi device ecosystem of smartphones, tablets and PCs as leading operators seek ways to further monetize their volte investments. The business model of mobile operators will use volte as an IP cloud, so that any service can run on any device from any access network. So far, this experience can only be realized with the help of Ott services such as Skype Mavenir's Ott client is currently available for Android? And IOS platform, and provide voice, video and rich communication service (RCS) application functions

kohli added that once users access the public Internet, they can access rich IP services from anywhere in the world, thus breaking the restrictions brought about by technology, equipment and region in the past

Apple recently announced that iPhone 6 and IOS 8 will support volte and Wi Fi calls, which is a sign of volte's momentum in a moving car, for example. Major operators in some key markets, such as Verizon, at t and T-Mobile, have launched volte. This is an opportunity for innovative operators, Enable them to catch up with other competitors in the market and stand out.

mavenir's IP core network solution suite is based on a portfolio of more than 30 fully virtualized software products, which can be deployed to cloud based infrastructure and network function Virtualization (nfv) In the frame Leading mobile operators such as T-Mobile USA have deployed mavenir's IMS based aggregation solution, successfully launched volte and Wi Fi call services, and have the scale and reliability required to become mass market mobile services

about mavenir

mavenir systems provides software based network solutions that enable mobile service providers to provide next-generation services over 4G LTE networks mavenir? It has a fully virtualized end-to-end voice/video, information and mobile core product portfolio, including IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), evolutionary packet core (EPC) and session boundary controller (SBC) Mavenir is based on the award-winning software platform mone? Using nfv and SDN technology to realize the deployment on cloud infrastructure

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