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According to Malaysian media reports, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, which account for 70% of the total global natural rubber exports, plan to establish regional physical trading markets to set a new pointer for rubber commodities. Futures trading and polimotor 11 are expected to start operations next year

Bloomberg quoted tiarnoyono, chairman of the strategic market operation of the international rubber Federation, as saying that this raw product market will enable producers to trade at a more transparent and reliable price

Megan, CEO of Indonesia's original products and derivatives exchange, recently pointed out that rubber futures are expected to start operation in the year when industrial technology needs to be upgraded urgently, 35 Ex factory inspection declaration: 1. The Chinese government wants to set up this trading platform as soon as possible and allow rubber commodities to be traded on the basis of real supply and demand. Rubber futures will be traded in dollars. This producer oriented trading platform needs government support to succeed. Representatives of the three countries will discuss price stabilization measures and related issues at this meeting. Impacted by the European debt crisis, rubber commodities on the Tokyo original products exchange have fallen by 33% so far

tiyanoyono pointed out that the members of the new rubber commodity trading market will include Indonesia's original products and derivatives exchange, Thailand's agricultural products futures exchange and Dama Yansheng products exchange

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