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Material tracers protect plastic products from counterfeiting

every manufacturer knows that counterfeiting is still a big problem. As far as plastic products and parts are concerned, counterfeiting has become easier. A large number of counterfeit parts and products are born all over the world every day, and counterfeits look like authentic products, but there will be problems when they are used. Then, the manufacturer will be forced to shoulder the warranty problem, which will not only lead to consumer claims, but also damage the company's reputation

the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the homeland security investigation bureau of the U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency announced in April that law enforcement had found 23000 counterfeits worth about $12billion. "Protecting intellectual property rights is an important part of CBP's trade implementation task, and it is also a key to protecting American consumers," CBP Commissioner L kerlikowsk said, controlling the number of experiments, etc. "these counterfeits may deceive American consumers and even endanger health."

counterfeiting of plastic products is emerging in an endless stream. In fact, the auto parts market is a huge business of counterfeiting, resulting in the recall of $9billion worth of cars every year

for many reasons, counterfeit plastic products and parts are difficult to identify

• plastic materials are everywhere - you can buy them from resin manufacturers, dealers or from the molding factory on the street

• it is easy to fabricate material certification certificates, even though OEM requires a lot of traceability

• according to the company, you can't see from the surface of parts that the plastic material is not the kind required, and it needs to be tested, but it takes a lot of time. Counterfeiters often ship counterfeit goods and put them on store shelves before they fall

one way for resin material suppliers to help crack down on counterfeiting is to use tracers. This anti-counterfeiting method is to mix a specific amount of molecular particles into the material to help confirm whether this material is a designated special material, or a cheaper resin or a low-quality resin. Tracers provide a unique "virtual fingerprint" for materials according to specific applications, which can identify the authenticity of products

tracers have been around for more than a decade. The first developer of material tracers is microtrace solutions (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA), which supplies tracers, anti-counterfeiting labels and other product identification solutions. The company manufactures tracers according to the formula for the base materials of products. At the same time, microtrace cooperates with several resin manufacturers to add microtrace tracers to their materials

mibatch tracer provided by plastics color Corp. (kalumet, Illinois) can help brands protect their reputation and ensure their supply chain as a proactive anti-counterfeiting measure. Once added to the material, it is easy to identify mibatch, but it is difficult for counterfeiters to copy it. At the same time, mibatch can function normally under most environmental conditions without affecting product performance

as a means of identification, adding tracers to the resin can help OEMs protect their supply chain. The management of the supply chain will become simpler and better ensure the safety of consumers, especially in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and auto parts. In addition, for some high-end brand products, consumers will spend more money, which can ensure that the products they get are equal to the money paid by the control components

"it needs to be clear that the theft of intellectual property is not a victimless crime," said Sara Saldana, director of U.S. immigration and customs enforcement, "The victims are American businesses, which have already been practitioners in those industrial production intensive industries. Counterfeiting is a global crime. When intellectual property rights are infringed by the overall improvement of industrial technology and scientific and technological level, Americans will lose their jobs, commercial profits will be stolen, and finally, consumers will be deceived."

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