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Application of materialise software and rapid prototyping technology in automobile models

using rapid prototyping technology to make concept cars and new car models has the advantages of short production cycle, low cost, beautiful appearance, fine structure and so on. The emergence of rapid prototyping technology provides a new technical solution for automobile manufacturers to produce automobile models for product release, display and function test. Let's take this concept car model as an example to understand the rapid prototyping process of making automobile models:

at the 2006 European Mold Exhibition held in Frankfurt on November 29, 2006, A concept car model jointly produced by the industrial service and software departments of Belgian material company was exhibited. The project applied the excellent technology of material company in the field of rapid prototyping in software and this standard. After receiving the car data model designed by the customer, it customized the rapid prototyping solution for the customer, and obtained the car model from the class a surface data model within one month

door production:

in order to obtain solid door components, first use the 3-matic software of materialise company to design the honeycomb reinforced structure directly on the STL file. This is because the car door is a thin-walled component, and the strength of the rapid prototyping parts is not high enough at present, so the rapid prototyping thin plate without special treatment is relatively prone to fracture. Then directly produce multiple oversized parts on the mammoth rapid prototyping machine of the Industrial Service Department of materalise company (at the same time), which can save a lot of molding time

fixture production:

according to the placement requirements of the model, the fixture parts are designed automatically and quickly in rapidfit, the magicsrp software of matirialise company, and then these fixture parts are produced by SLA machine, which can be used to clamp the frame during exhibition (this fixture can also be used for the detection and transportation of parts

body and lamp production:

because the size of the car body exceeds the workbench area of SLA machine, in order to solve this problem, the engineers of materialise company use the advanced CAD operation and sketching functions of 3-current matic software to cut the oversized body into several smaller parts that are convenient for production, assembly and post-processing. Then magicsrp software is used to automatically generate material support structures that are easy to remove for car body parts and the same car model if iron and glass are used to make lamps, and then SLA rapid prototyping method is used to produce car body and lamps. The parts obtained in this way have excellent surface quality and reduce the difficulty of post-treatment process

FDM production of wheel hub and rearview mirror:

because wheel hub and rearview mirror are STL parts converted through IGES file converter, a large number of STL errors (cracks, normal errors, holes, etc.) occur in the process of file conversion. STL parts containing these errors cannot be directly input into RP machine for rapid prototyping, because doing so is very easy to cause part deformation and machine work interruption, Even the machine cannot work. Therefore, before molding, the engineers of materialise repaired these STL errors first, and quickly repaired the holes, gaps, overlaps and other errors on the wheel hub and lamp through the 3-matic and magicsrp rapid automatic repair STL function, and then used the FDM machine to shape the wheel hub and lamp (ABS raw material)

manufacturing process of door handle

next is the manufacturing of door handle. Using the smartspace function of magicsrp software, automatic optimization (the molding height is the lowest, and the supporting materials based on the three elastomer technology platforms of "dynamic full vulcanization + esterification + hydrogenation" are the least) is placed as many as handles on the working platform of RP machine, and then so many parts are formed on SLS rapid prototyping machine at one time, It saves a lot of materials and molding time

post processing:

after all parts are produced, they are sent to the post-processing department for polishing, painting and other post-processing by engineers, and finally a car model with the same size and color as the actual design car is obtained

finally, the parts are assembled. According to the actual requirements, the engineers assemble all auto parts on the fixture system produced by rapid prototyping. So far, a perfect car model is displayed in front of Dazhong. The whole model production cycle is less than a month, and the production cost is only 20% to 40% of the traditional technology. There is no deviation in the detailed structure of the product, and the appearance can be exactly the same as the real product

conclusion: making full use of rapid prototyping technology has great advantages in performance, price, and production time for new product R & D, function verification, product display, and function detection of enterprises, reducing the innovation risk of enterprises, making products faster and more timely to bring samples to the market. (end)

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