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Maverick develops coffee bags that meet biodegradation standards

maverick enterprises cooperates with larry's beans from North Carolina to launch a fully biodegradable coffee bag. After a year of development, maverick enterprises launched a green film product of real biodegradable bags for use in building structures. This is because all bagged film layers need to meet compostable degradation standards (ASTM 5511 and ASTM 5338.98 standards)

other coffee bags on the market today have only one layer that is biodegradable. However, the entire film layer of maverick's coffee bag can be made, and multiple experimental curves in one group can be superimposed and compared; To make the sample immersed in water produce internal and external pressure difference and completely degrade. The creative team from larry's beans worked closely with Leslie Harty, President of maverick company to complete the development of this technology from 1. The novel portal structure. Larry's beans is a market leader in organic coffee and is committed to fair trade

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