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Matlay's rule and enterprise group management system (middle)

Fourth, system control. The group headquarters should establish some systems of regular audit, inspection and reporting. The implementation of this system enables the group headquarters to grasp all aspects of the situation of member enterprises in a timely manner, and put forward treatment suggestions for the problems that arise, rather than wait until major problems are found

as a classroom system, the decentralized business division system is characterized by centralized decision-making by the group headquarters (group companies) and independent operation of each business division. The centralization of power of the group headquarters is mainly reflected in five functions, and the leadership of member enterprises is realized through four control methods. The independent operation of the business division is mainly manifested in the technical and financial management of the production process, business contracting, raw material procurement, inventory management, accounts receivable and payable management, fixed asset investment within a certain limit, employee employment and assessment, etc. They are profit centers with independent accounting and sole responsibility for their own profits and losses, and have extensive operational autonomy. The outstanding advantage of this system is that it is conducive to the senior managers of the group headquarters to be liberated from the daily business, one is Rockwell hardness affairs, and only grasp 20% of the backbone, 20% of the key problems, 20% of the key products and key customers' key residences, 20% of the key projects, so as to drive the work of the whole enterprise forward, and concentrate on the strategic issues related to the long-term development of the enterprise, Focus on the five mentioned above to play a core role in function

when emphasizing the problem of how to achieve sustainable and stable development of enterprises, the American Macintosh company put forward the concept of balanced management at three levels: the first level is to ensure and expand the existing core business, focusing on the return of profits and investment capital; The second level is to develop new businesses and expand new markets, focusing on the continuous growth of sales and net present value; The third level is to seek new career opportunities in the future, study the feasibility of long-term development in the future, and focus on the strategic issues of the development of the whole enterprise. McKinsey's experience and matlay's law are closely linked. The first level should become the main part of the business division, while the second and third levels, especially the third level, should become the main part of the enterprise group leaders. Enterprise group leaders can focus 80% of their energy on grasping and designing the problems at the second and third levels, transcending the shackles of daily affairs, and planning in accordance with matlay's law to ensure the long-term development of the enterprise

to establish and improve the socialist market economy, enterprises will truly become legal entities and competitive subjects that adapt to the high-level. In the face of the challenges and opportunities of the WTO approaching day and night, book and magazine printing enterprises will form enterprise groups to expand their business scale and market share, improve their competitiveness, and the environment in which operators and managers will be in will be more complex, their responsibilities will be more significant, and their tasks will be more reasonable, Continuing to use the highly unified management method formed under the planned economic system will only do harm to the long-term and stable development of enterprise groups, so it is imperative and of great significance to promote, implement and apply matlay's law. For large and medium-sized state-owned book and periodical printing enterprises, it is necessary to establish a decentralized business division management system as soon as possible, strengthen the unification and assessment of internal responsibilities and rights, strictly follow the management principles, especially clarify the top-down leadership orders and the bottom-up procedures and routes of requesting and reporting within the enterprise group, and prevent and eliminate the phenomenon of multi command, over command and over command. We should truly form a corporate governance structure of decentralized governance, and establish a scientific, standardized and time-honored enterprise group management system

on the current technological transformation of printing enterprises

at present, technological transformation has become a hot topic in all walks of life. Our products are all over the country. How to do a good job in technological transformation, how to make technological transformation produce the best benefits for enterprises, and how to make technological transformation enterprises recover their investment in technological transformation as soon as possible are the common topics faced by all technological transformation enterprises

the author has been engaged in technical work in printing enterprises for many years, and has personally experienced several technologies of this enterprise. 2. Min has investigated several brother printing enterprises. In the long-term work practice, I have formed some of my own ideas about the technical transformation of current printing enterprises. This is discussed below

first, establish the principle of giving priority to benefits and optimize the objectives of technological transformation

1. Do a good job in the investigation of technological transformation projects

the current characteristics of technological transformation of printing enterprises are: a technological transformation project is often traumatic to the whole enterprise, and the introduction of a new technology may have a significant impact on the production layout of the whole enterprise. Many high-tech new products, new technologies, new equipment... In many enterprises, the investigation of technological transformation projects, the main work is ignored, or become a mere formality, or be used as public tourism. After inspecting their organizational differences and technological transformation from the top to the bottom, some printing enterprises have poor benefits, which is largely due to the failure to do a good job in the preliminary work of technological transformation. Some enterprises, without full understanding and investigation, easily set up technical transformation projects. When introducing equipment and technology, they credulous the words of the salesmen and did not fully listen to the opinions of technicians, resulting in the equipment and technology that spend a lot of money to introduce, or because the equipment is not matched, or because the technology is not qualified, and other reasons, the production capacity is not formed, and the expected benefits are not generated

enterprise leaders who are responsible for technological transformation decision-making should not only really sink down in the investigation of technological transformation projects and fully understand all aspects of information, but also have an attitude of asking questions, learn relevant new knowledge from scientific research and technical personnel with an open mind, and avoid mistakes in technological transformation decision-making

2. Do a good job in the market demonstration of technological transformation projects

at present, on the whole, the whole printing market is saturated, and many enterprises are waiting for rice, but in some fields with high technical content, it should be said that there is still great market potential, and the profit margin is quite high. The purpose of technological transformation of an enterprise is to expand its market coverage and earn higher profits. Therefore, in the establishment of technological transformation projects, it should be demonstrated from the perspective of marketing. Ensure that their enterprises have sufficient market share after the technical transformation project is launched, and can repay the investment in technical transformation, so as to make profits. In this process, it is worth noting that the market is constantly changing. Some fields are in the period of growth, while others are in the process of shrinking. Therefore, we should pay close attention to the growth of the market. In addition, the production capacity and technological transformation of other printing enterprises in the same region should also be fully considered in the demonstration, so as to prevent multiple enterprises in the same region from repeatedly starting to form a vicious competition

3. strive for various preferential policies and optimize their own technological transformation investment projects

the state has formulated various excellent policies to encourage enterprises to carry out anti transformation, improve production and carry out technological transformation. After the demonstration of the project, we should strive for these preferential policies, such as low interest loans from banks and tariff free support from the customs, he said. For printing enterprises that want to set up projects to carry out anti reform, they should be familiar with the relevant national policies and decrees, and try their best to win the preferential policies that should be enjoyed and can be won

when carrying out technological transformation, enterprises must measure their ability and have sufficient loan repayment ability in order to remain invincible in the market competition. If the performance and quality reach the same effect, and there is a substitute for imported domestic equipment, domestic equipment should be used as far as possible. If the old equipment can be transformed and upgraded, it should be transformed and upgraded in the old equipment as far as possible. If its own technical force can complete the transformation, it should rely on its own strength to complete the transformation

during the implementation of technological transformation, the operators of the enterprise should adjust the technological allocation scheme according to the changes of market funds, technology and other actual conditions, so as to adapt it to the changed outside world, optimize their own technological transformation investment allocation, and make it give full play to the best investment benefits. In the whole process of technological transformation, we should always grasp the principle that efficiency is the life of the enterprise. (to be continued)

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