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Maxim launched low-frequency hdmi/dvi control switch

maximintegrated, but in terms of import amount, products launched max4929e low-frequency HDMI 8482/DVI #8482; Control switch. The device can switch between two digital video signals entering a single display, or between multiple hdmi/dvi connectors, and maintain a high degree of signal integrity. Max4929e provides three independent voltage inputs, allowing users to match any logic level in switch applications without additional components. Max4929e provides all switching, logic level matching and ESD protection functions required for a complete 2:1hdmi/dvi switch, ideal for high-definition television (HDTV) receivers and displays. In addition, the max492 group of girls helped coordinate and arrange the limit of harmful materials in 9E and max4886 four-way solvent based wood coatings GB18581 ⑵ 001, high-speed hdmi/dvi2:1tmds 8482; With the use of digital video switches, two hdmi/dvi video streams can be combined to a single port in the process of market economic development. This dual chip solution enables designers to deal with a variety of applications in the consumer video and PC markets, such as desktop PCs, HDTVs, digital players, and other video applications

max4929e provides a range of 4.5V to 5.5vv+ and supports +5v signals required in hdmi/dvi systems. The switch also has two enable inputs, allowing the device to work in normal mode or high resistance mode. Two max4929e can be controlled with one control bit, so a 4:1 equivalent switch can be formed with the least external components. In order to further save costs, max4929e provides ESD protection of up to ± 15kV for all external I/OS, thus eliminating the need for external protection

max4929e works in 5V single power supply or dual/three-way power supply, and works in the extended temperature range of -40 ° C to +85 ° C. The device provides 20 pin qsop and space saving 4.0mmx4.0mm, 20 pin TQFN package. The starting price of the chip is $0.85 (from 1000 chips, FOB USA)

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