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Masterpiece technology leads the future AI to change life

-- the new product launch and opening ceremony of the masterpiece AI science and Technology Museum are mainly held in the following points

on the morning of January 27, 2019, the new product launch and opening ceremony of the masterpiece AI science and Technology Museum kicked off in Zhengzhou Fuyuan international hotel

shareholders start crystal ball

chairman hezhiheng delivers a welcome speech

first of all, Mr. hezhiheng, chairman of masterpiece group, delivered a welcome speech for this event. On behalf of masterpiece group, he extended a warm welcome to the guests and sent good wishes. Analyze the national policy and strategic positioning of the intelligent industry, and make a scientific and thorough plan for the company's future strategic layout of the intelligent industry. He also made a report to the guests on the group's work in charitable donations, poverty alleviation and employment promotion in recent years

he Zhiheng said in his speech that through three years of development, he will strive to lead the masterpiece group to become an influential technology company in Henan Province and even the country, and will become a technology promoter and value creator in the new era. The ultimate goal of the company is to "seek the well-being of employees and create value for the society". Chairman hezhiheng's wonderful speech attracted bursts of applause

famous singer and company shareholder Zhou Yiqing took a group photo with the company's robot product Pangdi

subsequently, Cheng Shiyong, the joint sponsor of the shareholder of Henan masterpiece IOT and the director of smart home technology, shared three themes for the guests with the theme of "smart technology leads the future": smart technology has entered people's lives, the convenience it brings to life, and the future market demand of smart technology. Through sharing, the guests had a new understanding of intelligent technology

Mr. Wang Qi, co-founder of Henan masterpiece IOT technology and Dean of masterpiece business school, pushed the conference to a climax. He gave a keynote speech on "intelligence leads the times and creates tens of millions of financial quotients", and made a detailed analysis of the future development trend of intelligence, which is a masterpiece of linear devices belonging to metal induction. Through examples, the advantages of fat Di robot in Chinese-English translation, textbook synchronization, Chinese culture education, video animation, entertainment, light control, weather query, safety education, fire protection knowledge and so on are analyzed. Based on the actual situation, we analyzed the huge market demand of fat Di robot in the future, scientifically expounded the company's operation mode, and the guests were confident to participate in the cooperative operation of the intelligent industry. The force values measured at different loading rates are different. Everyone said that they must join the masterpiece group family

finally, seven shareholders of Henan masterpiece IOT Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. He Zhiheng, Mr. Ma Hongjian, Mr. Zheng Linjin, Ms. Zhou Yiqing, Mr. Wang Qi, Mr. Sun Peng, Mr. Fang Tao and other shareholders took the stage to launch the crystal ball. The chairman Mr. He Zhiheng announced the successful conclusion of the new product launch and opening ceremony of the masterpiece AI science and Technology Museum

chairman hezhiheng was interviewed by Henan Radio and television station

after the celebration, the company held a celebration luncheon. The shareholders of Henan masterpiece IOT Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. He Zhiheng, Mr. Zheng Linjin, Ms. Zhou Yiqing, Mr. Wang Qi and Mr. Fang Tao, came to the stage to offer a good wine to the guests, express their welcome to the guests and send new year's greetings. The party luncheon kicked off with the famous singer Zhou Yiqing's beautiful song "home in Henan". All the staff relaxed during the dinner, tasted delicious food and wine, and the party set off a small climax. Then, the special guest and famous singer Peina presented wonderful songs and operas, which attracted warm applause, and presented her personal album to her fans on the spot

five shareholders toasted the guests at the meeting

the whole celebration was grand and warm, which made everyone feel the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company. At the same time, the guests also witnessed the important moment of the establishment of the masterpiece IOT technology! We believe that with the support and help of leaders at all levels and the efforts of all employees, we will be full of passion and confidence to create a more brilliant future

group photo of chairman and winning guests

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