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Maxim integrated launched the industry's smallest IO

Maxim integrated Santa Cruz ambient light sensor integrated IO link protocol, simplifying the design of high-precision industrial sensors

Beijing, China, February 25th, 2014. Maxim integrated products, Inc. (nasdaq: mxim) launched Santa Cruz (maxrefdes23#) ambient light sensor (ALS), which can quickly configure and monitor multiple red, green, blue (R or require high technology to repair the board GB) visible and infrared (IR) signal ambient light sensors in the factory, and is suitable for industrial applications that need high-precision detection

in order to maintain competitiveness and high quality, modern chemical plants must have considerable flexibility to reduce costs and maximize normal operation time. The Santa Cruz ALS scheme can greatly improve the connectivity of the plant. The reference system provides light transmission, RGB visible light, infrared signals and temperature data with a wide dynamic range. Santa Cruz simulates the reaction of human eyes to visible light and realizes high-precision system measurement. In addition, the scheme has unparalleled optical detection sensitivity and extremely low delay. The built-in IO link software and device stack can automatically configure the sensor without additional programming resources, saving valuable time and design resources. The size of Santa Cruz printed circuit board (PCB) is only 6.5mm x 25mm, which is the smallest ALS system in the industry

main advantages

small size: the smallest ambient light detection system in the industry

high integration: integrate six high-precision light transmission, RGB visible light and IR signal sensors; One temperature sensor; A low-cost, ultra-low power microcontroller; Dual integrated 3.3V and 5V linear regulators; Programmable flash memory; IO link software

high sensitivity: it has extremely high sensitivity and low power consumption in the detection range of 57542 lux to 0.001 lux

easy to configure: through IO link protocol, it can easily identify and connect to existing industrial systems

industry evaluation

david Andeen, reference design manager of Maxim integrated, said: the Santa Cruz system is the result of successful cooperation between Maxim and Renesas electronics Europe and TMG technologie UN, which are inseparable from technology D engineering. Renesas rl78 ultra-low power microcontroller and TMG's IO link software provide a perfect complement to Maxim's high-precision optical sensor and IO link modem. The above products are combined with our IO link modem to effectively build a platform for a variety of IO link sensor solutions

Raj Parker, an analyst of frost Sullivan sensor and instrument market, hopes to help plastic packaging manufacturers achieve zero landfill through new technologies. Dr. Ender thusu said: the industrial sensor market is developing towards higher precision, chip level integration and miniaturization. Santa Cruz reference design will further promote this trend and help build future factories

test requirements of universal material testing machine supply information

the printed circuit board size of Santa Cruz system is 6.5mm x 25mm, and M12 connector is provided to realize the rapid connection of IO link

for more information about reference design, please visit Maxim reference design center

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