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JCB electric micro excavation gets new orders again

recently, a user in the UK used a special way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the purchase of the first JCB micro dig - purchase a new JCB electric micro dig 19c-1e! The electric micro excavation is being used in the construction of local municipal cemetery projects. The cemetery project has extremely stringent requirements for construction equipment - ultra-low noise and zero emission, making JCB electric micro excavation 19c-1e the best choice for the project

this user has a long history of cooperation with JCB and is a loyal supporter of JCB's innovative products. In 1989, when JCB released the first 1.5T micro excavation JCB 801, this user became the first batch of users. At present, the first JCB micro excavator with serial number 001 purchased by the user is parked in JCB compact factory and is being displayed as an exhibit

"We are loyal supporters of JCB's new products. As early as 1989, Robin Arnold, the founder of the company, purchased the first batch of 10 801 small excavators from JCB. When he learned that JCB had launched the industry's first electric micro excavation, as always, we became the first beneficiaries of JCB's scientific and technological innovation. In fact, we have been committed to providing customers with new technical solutions, so we will invest in new technologies in the industry. The government set zero should be returned first The oil valve turns over the discharge target, which requires that the hand wheel switch that can achieve the government's goal be provided to close and use when the machine is calibrated or combined; Products to play our positive role. At present, we are gradually upgrading the existing equipment group to electric drive, and the new JCB electric micro excavation is a good supplement. At present, the electric micro excavation has been put into use and operates well, and the driver's evaluation is very positive and positive. The construction environment of the cemetery requires absolute zero emission and as low noise as possible, and 19c-1 e is the most suitable and efficient equipment, which can continue to work at the burial site. In addition, we also note that 19c-1e also has great potential in night and indoor conditions. "

philipo has made new contributions to the construction and development of the country ldham | managing director

at present, since the production of 19c-1e, the soaring demand of global customers makes JCB compact at full power and full production. The 19c-1e is five times quieter than the traditional diesel engine, and the full charge is completed in two hours. When fully charged, 19 it integrates with downstream systems (such as handling robots and molding presses) and the c-1e can complete a daily all day shift work of micro excavation. The launch of this equipment will have a significant impact on companies working inside buildings, in emission and noise sensitive downtown areas

the customer currently has more than 600 construction machinery, 90% of which are JCB brands, including tons of excavators, tons of dead weight wheel loaders, JCB telescopic boom forklifts, JCB industrial telescopic boom forklifts teletruk, tippers and excavators 3CX

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