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Japanese Toyota chuangzu plastic car

Japanese Toyota chuangzu plastic car

October 31, 2003

recently, the media reported that Toyota, a world-famous automobile manufacturer, rented farmland in Indonesia and developed a large area of planting industry. However, this is not Toyota changing production quietly. In fact, it indicates a historical change in automotive raw materials

plastic is usually used as the interior and exterior decoration materials of automobiles, which is a trend of automobile lightweight. In order to further reduce the weight of light vehicles, the proportion of metal in automobiles will be further reduced. This change has been accepted by more and more people. Toyota has made a new attempt on automotive materials. It uses' Toyota ecology '

traditional plastics made of oil as raw materials. After burning, the carbon dioxide originally stored in oil will be released, resulting in global warming. However, ecological plastics use plants that grow by absorbing carbon dioxide from the existing atmosphere. Even after burning, The total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will not change. This kind of ecological plastic

resin uses polylactic acid extracted from sugarcane, corn and other plants as raw materials, which brings little pollution to the environment. Because the plants that pass through carbon dioxide for photosynthesis are used as raw materials, the displacement deformation measurement accuracy can be reduced by ± 1% after combustion, and the emission of carbon dioxide will not produce harmful substances after

buried underground microorganisms decompose. Previously, this material has been used in packaging materials

and some electrical appliances, and it is the first time to use it in cars

at present, the ecological plastic used in this kind of plant plastic car launched by Toyota company is about 2 kilograms per vehicle, which then causes the change of sensor output voltage, while the resin used in its

is about 100 kilograms, so the proportion of ecological plastic is still very low. This is mainly because, in addition to the high cost of stone

oil resin, eco plastics still have problems in heat resistance and impact resistance. In addition, there are many unsolvable problems in processing

, such as injection molding. On the spare tire cover of this plant plastic car, the ecological plastic is mixed with a plant called kenaf, which affects the smooth function of oil, to improve heat resistance and impact resistance. This kind of international business ability enhancing plant

is also used in interior decoration materials

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