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JCB equipment shows great power in the waste treatment industry

recently, in the UK (the drying time of cement is generally 10-15 days). After the cement is completely dried, Northern Ireland can automatically appear after the test method is set up. McKinstry, the leading company in the waste treatment industry in the end of the experiment, has added a batch of new JCB equipment, including a 437 wheel loader, two wastemasterloadall and 531f-70 and a js131 excavator, There is also a js20mh material handling equipment. So far, the number of equipment of the company has increased to 14, all of which are JCB brands. Four years ago, the company had never bought JCB equipment. McKinstry is a professional enterprise dealing with waste management, recycling, treatment, bioenergy and mineral products, providing efficient waste treatment services for public and private institutions. In addition, the company also operates the recycling and treatment of dry waste and all construction and demolition waste

in the nuttscorner factory heavily funded by MRF, a material recovery facility, there are seven JCB equipment working. At present, the factory has processed one inspection rod to achieve zero landfill treatment, which has played a major role in the sustainable development of Northern Ireland. Ten years ago, 90% of waste disposal was directly buried. Time has passed, and now 90% of the waste has been recycled Mark McKinstry said, "JCB's waste treatment equipment series is very comprehensive and has higher productivity. At present, the plant processes about 250 to 300 trucks a week, which is still a big problem for manufacturers. We are the largest biomass energy producer in Northern Ireland. We receive a large amount of waste from third parties and sell biomass products to Stobart company"

the received mixed waste is dumped into the crusher, and then processed into square bags of uniform size by js20mh. A large number of recyclable materials are exported to all over the world, and the remaining waste is treated into dry, clean 1-ton RDF packages of waste derived fuel, which are then sold to customers by Stobart. The good operation of the equipment has a very important impact on McKinstry's business. Markmckinstry said, "JCB devices are very reliable and powerful. Coupled with good service support, there is no downtime at all, which is really very important!"

on the waste disposal configuration model of JCB equipment, markmckinstry praised the maintenance free solid tire configured for the equipment, and believed that it was very important for the equipment to have no downtime. There are also safety reversing images, anti-theft devices, and ground clearance, which make the driving of equipment on waste simple and safe

because JCB focuses on improving the working efficiency of the equipment, McKinstry is focused on business growth

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