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Jazz glass film can save 30% - 50% of air conditioning consumption

at present, a kind of window glass film called high-tech and fashionable has been widely used because of its many beneficial uses. It is learned from relevant channels that this product, produced by the American Jazz glass film manufacturer, has successfully landed in the Chinese market and has taken the lead in solving the above series of problems perfectly for public buildings such as the "China rocket stock" office building in Beijing, the "left bank commune" senior office building, and many community families. This product has a variety of beneficial effects for home users: energy saving and power saving, warm in winter and cool in summer, fashion choice

in order to pursue spacious and bright, the popular large bay, large area glass window and floor glass door have become the first choice of modern buildings. As everyone knows, glass windows will cause a lot of energy consumption: in summer, it will lead to heat accumulation, and in winter, it is easy to dissipate heat, resulting in increased energy consumption. Jazz glass film can easily solve these problems. It can block up to 80% of the solar radiation from entering the house. In summer, it can make the living environment comfortable and refreshing without more power consumption. In the severe cold weather environment, the heat loss caused by glass can be reduced through heat reflection, so as to achieve the function of heat preservation

the energy-saving effect of jazz glass film is very obvious. After coating, it can save 30% - 50% of the power consumption of air conditioning

safe explosion-proof, UV proof, home decoration protection

natural disasters such as loud horses, accidents and typhoons sometimes cause fatal damage to glass on the experimental machine because the demand for data collection rate is not too high, and the motion of broken molecules has obvious relaxation characteristics. Jazz explosion-proof membrane can firmly stick the broken glass together and keep it in place, so as to greatly prevent the harm of disasters to people. Middle aged children or the elderly may accidentally break the glass, and the splashing glass will cause serious injury. Because "Jazz" fixed the glass fragments together, the safety of the family was greatly improved

Jazz glass film can block almost 100% of ultraviolet radiation, and significantly reduce the sun stability that causes the color fading of precious household items. It is not as good as the first kind of transmission system heat and visible light. It is like a sunshade - effectively increasing the life and beauty of indoor accessories

healthy and quiet, one-way perspective, privacy and beauty

unbalanced temperature, direct solar heat and glare are all troubles brought by glass. Jazz glass film can adjust the indoor temperature by reducing the direct sunlight, so that the temperature in the home can continue to be appropriate, and people will no longer be worried by the dazzling light and high temperature. The surface reflection of jazz glass film can form a single perspective, which can provide a perfect visual effect for the home while shading the sun. There is no need to pull up the curtains all day, and outsiders can't see the scenery in the house

strong glare reflected by glass is very harmful to human body. Glare will cause damage to cornea and iris of human eyes, cause visual fatigue, no pollution of vision, low noise, high efficacy decline, cataract, and induce nosebleed, hair loss, insomnia, loss of appetite, and even leukemia and other canceration. Jazz glass film can effectively control solar radiation and increase glass strength. It can turn ordinary transparent glass into multi-functional glass with the functions of safety explosion-proof, heat insulation and light radiation, solve the harm brought by glare, and let people live a healthy and quiet life

investing in glass film has become a hot way to create wealth

because the product is welcomed by broad-based users according to the above-mentioned beneficial functions, and has become a favorite in the investment market. As an enterprise developing and producing this product, jazz architectural glass film service chain also entered China to develop franchisees. At present, the investment of the project is in good condition, and the franchisees do not make profits disorderly. The investment scale of jazz glass film is diversified, ranging from tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. It is in line with China's national conditions, and people who are able to meet a variety of entrepreneurial capabilities are involved in the operation. According to the franchisee business data of jazz glass film statistics, the profits of ordinary heat insulation film, color decorative film, explosion-proof heat insulation film and bulletproof film range from 80 to 350 yuan per square meter. A construction worker can paste square meters every day, and the income ranges from 4000 yuan to 35000 yuan. If he undertakes the whole building of banks, hotels, party and government organs, the profit will be more considerable! If you undertake the glass coating project of 100 households in residential areas in a month, you can earn 100000 yuan. Undertake six glass coating projects with a building area of square meters a year, and the profit will be 10000 yuan. As an agent of jazz, the comprehensive annual gross income is more than 10000 yuan

this data is calculated by jazz enterprises according to the current profitability of department franchisees, taking the middle figure. It is fair. Of course, the situation is different everywhere, and this conclusion can only be used for reference

however, this is enough to show that the current investment market of glass film represented by jazz glass film is still promising

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