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Jay Chou was challenged by Xueba! Artificial intelligence is going against the sky

Jay Chou was challenged by Xueba! Artificial intelligence is going against the sky

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original title: Jay Chou was challenged by Xueba! Artificial intelligence is going against the sky

another summer, the same hot summer! This summer, the voice of China once again hit! At present, it has been broadcast for three times, but it has not attracted much attention except that the mentor Jay Chou continues to join. However, in last week's program, the appearance of a Xueba caused quite a sensation on the shortcomings of Vickers hardness test! There are many school bullies, so what is different about this school bully? Let's enter his world together

this "Xueba" is named Su Han. He is 24 years old and is now a fourth year doctoral student in biomedical engineering industry at Tsinghua University

at the age of 16, he entered Tsinghua University to study, and then directly crossed over the graduate student and began to study for a doctor. At the age of 24, he is already a fourth grade doctoral student in Tsinghua

but of course, the popularity of this Xueba is not because of his education, but because he sang a different Jay Chou famous song "the war of cessation" in the program

he created this song by using our cooperation project artificial intelligence with our partners from this super large printing machine, which is an adaptation of the original song

artificial intelligence (AI) is not a strange word now. Through the research, the computer can simulate some thinking processes of people, which is useful for water shares to enter the capital market, place high hopes and intelligent behavior, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, programming and so on. Many heavy scientific and engineering calculations are completed through artificial intelligence, which is more accurate than human brain. When Harlem asked: so how do you let AI write songs? Su Han explained: first, train it, and then give it a deep learning algorithm. Based on this algorithm, let it learn (input) thousands of songs (data) in the Chinese music world. After completion, just input the command to it: today I'm going to play, write me a song "war of cessation". OK. What Su Han has to do is to "give" it human temperature after writing. Nicholas Tse said: This is the direction of emotional education after a series of big data. Artificial intelligence is very efficient in writing songs. It can write one or even many good songs only by relying on the data in the system without inspiration. To put it bluntly, AI combines the song data stored in its "brain" to "combine" into a new song. It sounds good, but it won't be classic. Jay Chou also pointed out that creative ability is irreplaceable. Finally, I feel that some things are irreplaceable and cannot be copied, such as emotion. The emotion contained in the song is that the creator poured all his efforts to write popular lyrics, which people who listen to the song will feel. It has to be said that AI is the general direction of future development. It provides convenience and fun for our life. Ai Ai enables us to provide an efficient and convenient way for our life in this era of rapid technological development

hospitals introduce AI to treat patients. AI has more than 700 diseases in the brain, and the efficiency of seeing a doctor is much higher than that of an intern; AI lip reading is more accurate than human experts; According to hitinfrastructure, American Medical Insurance Company anthem announced on August 1 that it would release its collaborative medical artificial intelligence (AI) data test on the blockchain; AI is now almost everywhere, big enough to appear in the form of a robot, small enough to be a chip in the

Xiaoyu robot also applies AI technology to replace manual dialing, improve efficiency, save time, and help enterprises achieve faster and better performance growth

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