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Japan's Toyo rubber Nanjing will promote the transformation of the chemical park to the new material industrial park. It is reported that Toyo Tire Rubber Co. of Japan will invest about 20billion yen (about 740million ringgit or 246million US dollars) to build an automobile tire factory in Malaysia in order to meet the increasing demand of Asian countries. Toyo auto will purchase land and build a factory within this year, which is expected to be officially put into use in 2013. The designed annual output of 6million tires accounts for 20% of the current annual output of Toyo rubber. Products our products discuss the development status of domestic spring testing machines. In addition to being sold in Malaysia, our products will also be exported to China, India and other emerging markets in Asia

note: the source of this reprint is indicated. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more letters and providing development opportunities for the lightweight of automotive materials. It does not mean to agree with its view or confirm the authenticity of its content. The ultra thin 3104 can body material produced by Southwest Aluminum tandem cold rolling was sent to overseas factories for trial flushing

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