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Japan it Week Spring 2019 Yuzhan shows aiot intelligent storage and monitoring integration scheme

China industrial control and industrial control information Japan it Week Spring 2019 Yuzhan shows aiot intelligent storage and monitoring integration scheme

industrial control storage and memory module leading brand Yuzhan technology, which will be held at this Tokyo International Information Technology Week Spring Exhibition (Japan it week spring, 4//12, 2019), Display the most complete positive industrial storage memory product line and industrial control intelligent storage solutions, among which the efficiency, stability, service life and other technical performance of memory storage products are improved. In response to the industrial 4.0 trend of artificial intelligence (AI) and IOT automatic production, Yuzhan technology is committed to the development of vertical market applications, and actively cooperates with a number of system integrators to develop environmental intelligent monitoring systems, and continuously deepen the core competitive advantages of storage memory and system integration technology

double barreled solution dual mechanism to examine SSD operation trajectory optimization efficiency and improve service life

in order to accelerate the intelligent joint development of industrial storage applications, Yuzhan technology will demonstrate the double barreled solution intelligent monitoring storage device solution, and fully analyze the operation behavior of industrial system platforms on storage through two tools, coreanalysiser2 and ssdwidget 2.0. Coreanalysiser2 software firmware technology, Strive to narrow the gap with developed countries, fully record and accurately analyze the usage behavior mode of host and SSD, including workload, working temperature, continuous and random read-write rate, power operation, read-write data size, etc. through the above important data analysis, fully understand the actual operation and select the appropriate SSD; Then ssdwidget 2.0 intelligent monitoring software can be used to monitor the storage device remotely and cross platform, control the health status of SSD in real time, effectively predict the service life and risk prevention of SSD, and avoid machine failure and intangible loss due to sudden conditions

opaque (TCG opalsoftware) innovative encryption management software

in view of the trend that everything can be interconnected, the importance of information security protection is no longer a matter of course. Yuzhan Technology launched opaque encryption management software, which has visual software operation interface and intuitive encryption process, including password setting, boot password verification, disk partition permission management, and returning to the factory setting state, Provide customers with fast use of encrypted storage devices, which are compatible with TCG opal 2.0 specification, and effectively control and manage asset security encryption. Compared with the early non GUI interface, the operation is more intuitive and convenient for users. At the same time, it has the function of data security protection, and is the first choice for the best encryption management software

turbocharged USB has made a great leap forward in high-speed transmission efficiency

under the continuous burning of the global aiot boom, the industrial control industry has diversified applications of daily drives, and the storage devices need to meet the conditions of small size, high speed and low delay. Yuzhan technology turbocharged USB is specially designed for this demand, emphasizing that the random reading and writing efficiency is far more than 30 times faster than the general USB speed on the market. This turbocharged u can also judge whether the selected material is suitable for sb, which can meet the efficiency requirements of rapid transmission of industrial intelligent automation applications, so that the operating system, middleware and storage operations, such as random data reading and writing, log small file storage, can operate efficiently. Turbocharged USB SSD breaks through the traditional USB transmission efficiency and is suitable for industrial application markets with high efficiency requirements

XR DIMM industrial control multiple protection solution

the connector design of the strong memory module XR DIMM of Yuzhan technology is equipped with 300 pin connectors and lock holes at both ends, in addition to meeting the mil-std-810 vibration and impact standard; It also has multiple protection technologies, including underfill, conformal coating, anti sulfuration and built-in temperature sensor to monitor the memory temperature, prevent the memory module from overheating, and completely ensure the stable operation of the product in harsh environments

smart IOT environment intelligent monitoring system

combined with the boom of IOT, smart IOT solution has more room for development and utilization when using lightweight and easy to install sensors for 3D printing. It is combined with innovative system integration, including fire monitoring, power monitoring, security and anti-theft, monitoring integration and other systems, and through cooperation with linebot (line APP), Provide the most convenient and complete real-time environment monitoring platform! Yuzhan environmental intelligent monitoring system is highly customized and cost-effective. At present, there are practical successful cases applied to the national caregiver examination room of St. John's University of science and technology in Taiwan, and the follow-up also continues to develop new application fields

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