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The school will completely prohibit the use of disposable tableware

in order to facilitate students' dining, the school canteen generally provides transit shared tableware or disposable tableware after disinfection, which plays a great role in facilitating dining and saving time. However, there are also potential hidden dangers of disease infection and increasing students' economic burden. The members' activity group of the Democratic League of China, the Jiu San Society and the Federation of industry and Commerce put forward suggestions on restricting the use of shared tableware and banning disposable tableware in primary and secondary schools

Zhao Qi pointed out that the school canteen is a public place with dense personnel and close contact. It is also a high-risk place where various infectious diseases are prone to attack and spread. Although all schools (2) plastic chassis functional parts have established strict canteen safety and health management systems, compared with the catering industry in the society, it is mainly guaranteed by the non mandatory of the school and the self-discipline of canteen managers, which is prone to problems, In addition, many schools adopt plastic bowls and chopsticks or disposable tableware, which is not up to standard in quality and is easy to cause potential safety hazards. However, the shared tableware is generally cleaned by the school by a specially assigned person, and the students will no longer take care of it after eating. This model of reaching out for food and leaving after eating will inevitably aggravate the children's mentality of laziness and dependence. Moreover, if the school asks a specially assigned person to clean it, it will inevitably increase some expenses, which virtually increases the cost of children's meals

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