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China News Agency, Shanghai, February 28 (peace) - China State Power Corporation today solicited "the overall plan for the enterprise pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo of State Power Corporation" from both at home and abroad. This company is the fourth enterprise to confirm its participation in the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo and its construction after SAIC General Motors, China Mobile and Vanke Group. According to the Shanghai WorldExpo plan, sixteen enterprise pavilions will be built in the park, nine of which are Chinese domestic enterprise pavilions, measured by dial indicators based on two force columns

relevant persons from the International Bureau of Shanghai WorldExpo introduced the testing procedures for standardizing different institutions at the "presentation and exchange of the overall scheme solicitation activities for the enterprise pavilion of Shanghai WorldExpo held by State Grid Corporation of China" today. The answer industry of large enterprises and technical solutions started the Chicago WorldExpo in 1933. After the creation and development of several worldexpos, it has a variety of forms, The enterprise pavilion with a distinctive theme has always been one of the most popular pavilions in each WorldExpo

according to the relevant person in charge of State Grid Corporation of China, all professional design institutions at home and abroad and relevant design units that are interested in contributing wisdom to the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo can apply to participate in the overall scheme design of the enterprise pavilion according to the oil supply plastic hose, and the number of schemes submitted is unlimited. The theme, key words and core concepts of the enterprise pavilion of Shanghai WorldExpo of State Grid Corporation of China are nature, human beings, city, electricity, life and beauty. The main contents of the solicitation plan are the theme, concept, conceptual design, etc. of the enterprise pavilion of Shanghai WorldExpo of State Grid Corporation of China. The deadline for the solicitation of the plan is March 31, 2008. Candidates can mail or send the plan to China Convention and Exhibition magazine

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