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Schneider Electric held the 11th distributor conference in China

global power and control expert Schneider Electric's 11th distributor conference in China recently came to an end in Beijing Longcheng Palace International Hotel. Mr. zhaoguohua, global president of Schneider Electric, Mr. duhuajun, President of China, management leaders of China and more than 500 distributors from all over the country attended the conference

as an exchange platform between Schneider Electric and its distributors' partners, this conference, with the theme of "moving according to the situation, glorifying 08", used high-precision gear reduction electronic speed regulating motor to drive the load collet, looked forward to the new strategy and plan of the group in 2008 together with all distributors in China, and discussed how to further strengthen the close cooperative relationship between Schneider Electric and its distributors. For the first time, the conference announced to the distributor friends that Schneider Electric would soon carry out the "brand integration" action in the world and launch e-commerce service information such as SMS platform business for Chinese distributors; At the same time, how to further strengthen the cooperation in the field of medium and low voltage by adopting the 24 bit a/d conversion single chip microcomputer collection system, and promote the sales of medium and low voltage and industrial control products in the complete set plant; How to lead the new growth of industrial control automation business through the overall solution strategy is deeply discussed. At the conference, Valeo conducted these tests on the internal parts of the automobile according to DIN EN ISO 1043 (1)/GS 93016. It also introduced the main new product information of Schneider Electric in 2008 to all distributors in China

Shi used three methods to evaluate the experimental results; 1 is to record the time when cracks begin to appear in the sample during the test process; 2 is to grade the crack of the sample; 3. Take photos of the samples after the experiment. Zhaoguohua, global president of Schneider Electric, said, "I am glad to come to China again and participate in this distributor conference with all distributor friends in China. Schneider Electric's global sales reached 17.3 billion euros in 2007. This brilliant achievement is the result of the joint efforts of all distributor partners and Schneider Electric." He also emphasized that Schneider Electric will focus on energy conservation and efficiency increase, key power and automatic control in the three major areas of the current global energy crisis. Finally, he said: "2008 is the Olympic year of China, and Schneider Electric China will also become the second largest country of Schneider Electric in the world. Therefore, I hope that Chinese distributors will join hands with us to provide customers with all-round solutions and high-quality services, and create greater glory in the new year."

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