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Schneider Electric: breaking the "black box" of production and helping "smart" manufacturing with "transparency" Shanghai, November 9, 2017 (Xinhua) -- at present, the increasingly fierce global manufacturing competition and the trend of consumption upgrading are making the traditional manufacturing industry face unprecedented severe challenges. Many manufacturing enterprises urgently need to introduce new technologies to realize the innovation of management, operation and production mode, so as to respond to the market demand trend of personalization, small batch and rapid response. How to use new technologies to help traditional manufacturing enterprises effectively get rid of the shackles of low efficiency and slow response has become a topic of concern in the industry

in order to explore this issue, the third future manufacturing Summit Forum, hosted by the Organizing Committee of China International Industry Expo and co organized by intelligence, international industrial automation, arc Consulting Group, etc., kicked off in Shanghai Xijiao Hotel on November 6. In combination with the trend of intelligent and digital technology in-depth service to the manufacturing industry, representatives of manufacturers from all parties actively shared innovative ideas and schemes to help the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry

smart manufacturing in the future, peak discourse opens an innovative perspective

at the meeting, representatives from a series of well-known manufacturers, including Schneider Electric, Siemens, abb, Rockwell Automation, Phoenix Contact, Mitsubishi Electric and so on, made suggestions one after another, and fully exchanged and collided their thoughts and views from various perspectives, such as the digital upgrading of factories, the training of technical personnel, and the shaping of modern craftsman spirit

Schneider Electric, as the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, has always been committed to the exploration of industrial digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing. At this forum, Li Kai, head of intelligent manufacturing business of industrial business division of Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd., also shared the idea of creating transparent intelligent manufacturing, which is mainly applicable to the digitalization of bending test of hot-rolled ribbed steel bars for construction, providing an innovative perspective for boosting the transformation of manufacturing industry

Li Kai, head of intelligent manufacturing business in the industrial business division of Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech

insight into the industry and face the black box dilemma of manufacturing industry

as we all know, as a strategy to guide the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the core goal of made in China 2025 is to guide China from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, and to solve the problems of production efficiency The three challenges of energy consumption and quality are the only way to achieve the goal of "from big to strong"

Li Kai said that when truly solving the above problems, the primary challenge often comes from the opacity of manufacturing enterprises in data, process and decision-making. From the perspective of enterprise operation if the sealing gasket is broken, the traditional factory is like a black box. The lag and invisibility of its information hinder the management and operators of the factory from making optimal decisions and responding efficiently. It can be seen that the realization of transparency is actually a necessary prerequisite for manufacturing enterprises to be intelligent

today, the added value of the raw material industry increased by 8.3% in 2014. The extensive connection of hardware is no longer a problem. The core problem is how to provide the massive data generated by interconnected equipment to the right people at the right time through collection and processing, so as to achieve effective decision-making. Li Kai compared intelligent manufacturing enterprises to human bodies. He pointed out that automation is equivalent to human limbs and is responsible for performing tasks; The digital system is equivalent to the human nervous system, which is responsible for the connection and transmission of all kinds of information and instructions; Lean production and operation technology is not only a smart mind, but also the core and key of intelligent manufacturing

advocate transparent and intelligent manufacturing, and strive to promote the transformation of digital industry

therefore, Schneider Electric advocates an orderly overall planning for its transformation and upgrading on the premise of combing the needs of manufacturing enterprises in detail by relying on the concept of combining software with hardware, software before hardware and medical treatment before medicine; During the implementation, starting with the lean operation consulting, digital platform and services provided for the operation level, various automation products and systems at the control level and equipment level are introduced in combination with the actual needs, and finally a transparent intelligent manufacturing solution covering the whole plant is created

in this regard, Schneider Electric has launched the ecostruxure architecture and platform based on IOT. By covering interconnected products, edge control, and complete products and solutions at the application, analysis and service levels, Schneider Electric has helped users create a transparent + integrated plant architecture and realized the whole process transparent management from the bottom to the top of the plant

Li Kai said that from the perspective of value, Schneider Electric transparent intelligent manufacturing solution can ultimately bring two dimensions of intelligent value to users - end-to-end intelligence and life cycle intelligence. Among them, the end-to-end intelligence realizes the whole process intelligence from the user end to the supplier end, including the automatic generation of material purchase plans from orders, automatic production scheduling, and efficient control of exceptions in production throughout the process; The realization of life cycle intelligence enables enterprises to effectively connect digital services with production processes and R & D processes, forming a closed loop for continuous improvement

it can be seen that such a transparent intelligent manufacturing solution is one of the answers for Schneider Electric to continuously face the manufacturing industry to lead and promote the industrial digital transformation in combination with the development of the initial clamping force small IOT technology. In the future, Schneider Electric will also carry out extensive cooperation with partners, integrators and developer communities to provide more and more powerful support for the vision of smart manufacturing in China

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