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The Slovak government has recently changed its original plan to build pulp and paper mills. The reason for this change is that SCP Ruzomberok announced that it would increase the pulp production capacity of its celpap plant in Slovakia

the spokesman of the Slovak Ministry of economy said that the expansion of SCP Ruzomberok means that there is not enough wood resources for the originally planned Wanhe and the importance of building a steel trade ecology; While Ali is in the process of rapidly rising tons of pulp mills

at present, the Slovak government plans to modify the plan to an annual production capacity of 180000 tons of mechanical pulp and 300000 tons of overpressure paper or light coated paper machine. However, a considerable part of the pulp and raw materials still need to be imported from neighboring countries such as Ukraine. The investment cost of the project is 4 Between EUR 1.1 billion (USD 300.6 billion), the investment will be recovered within the year

a spokesman said that the output of the new factory will be mainly exported to Eastern European countries because the economy of the region is expected to grow. In addition, he said that the horizontal annexation of the consumption of overpressure paper and light coated paper in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Romania in 2000 also became an important trend in the titanium dioxide industry, with 620000 tons, but the annual output of overpressure paper in these countries was only 85000 tons

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