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For many consumers, the floor is the best choice in home decoration. The solid wood floor feels comfortable. The wood floor without complex manual treatment can present a natural log texture. Such a floor can show a very rich natural texture in home life. Today I will introduce Cicero flooring, one of the top ten domestic wood flooring brands. How about Cicero flooring? After reading the following articles, I can see

for many consumers, flooring is the best choice in home decoration. Solid wood flooring feels comfortable. Wood flooring without complex manual treatment can present a natural log texture. Such flooring can show a very rich natural quality in home life. Today I will introduce to you &mdash& mdash; Cicero floor, how about Cicero floor? After reading the following articles, I can see

how about Cicero flooring

Cicero flooring is the perfect embodiment of continuous development and innovation from Huasheng wood industry, which has been invested in the domestic wood flooring manufacturing industry since 1988. At present, it has ranked in the forefront of the domestic composite floor industry. It is a large modern wood enterprise integrating floor production and sales

Cicero flooring has been deeply loved by the majority of users since its establishment. It has maintained rapid and steady development and has become a well-known domestic brand. Cicero flooring has reached the standard in the quality sampling inspection organized by the national, provincial and municipal technical supervision departments over the years, and has passed “ ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification &rdquo& ldquo; Iso14001-2001 international environmental management system certification &rdquo& ldquo; China Environmental Labeling Product Certification (hd) &rdquo& ldquo; European flameproof rating (hd) ”, Get “ Green environmental protection products (hd) &rdquo& ldquo; Hunan trustworthy brand ” And other honorary titles

Cicero flooring breaks through the traditional process, actively innovates in manufacturing technology, closely follows the trend of the latest technology, and adopts a new generation of epoch-making imitation wood technology, advanced molding U-groove technology and real wood grain technology, a new standard for visual health. The new crystal ion high-tech materials listed in the National 863 program are selected, and the new generation of crystal ion antibacterial technology is adopted. Strive to create a new generation “ European style &rdquo

Cicero flooring product series

Norwegian forest series

Roman style series

Caesar Era series

Earl of Louis series

Baroque series

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Cicero floor decoration effect picture enjoy the most natural texture of trees, slowly rippling in soft and beautiful colors, simple, natural, elegant and luxurious. Looking at it, you will find that simplicity and luxury are not against each other

the color with a heavy sense of history is the advantage of this floor. The ancient hand Corrugated processing technology is adopted on the surface of the wooden floor, which brings a mysterious and natural atmosphere to the whole home environment, as if it can go through history and experience noble life

editor's summary: the above is the appreciation of Cicero floor decoration renderings introduced to you today. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, please follow the latest news of our website or go to Qijia mall to buy your favorite products




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