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Due to the low entry threshold and great flexibility in the sales process of the cabinet industry, so far there is no complete set of industry standards in the cabinet industry, especially some details

due to the low entry threshold of the cabinet industry and the great flexibility of the sales process, so far there is no complete set of industry standards in the cabinet industry, especially some details. Consumers need to be extra careful when buying cabinets. The so-called details determine success or failure. From the details, you can see the fishiness, and you can also distinguish whether the cabinet design is thorough and intimate

for cabinet consumption, the most fishy thing is the quality of accessories. For this, it is usually difficult for non professionals to detect. The best way is to get to the bottom of the matter, investigate the "family background" of each accessory, and ask businesses to show various quality certificates and product manuals to prove their "orthodox" identity. In fact, pay attention to all kinds of details of the cabinet. Even if it is hidden, you can find some "clues"

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first, hardware accessories are shoddy

hardware is an important part of the cabinet. Consumers lack the ability to judge the advantages and disadvantages of hardware, and they also lack sufficient understanding. It will directly affect the comprehensive quality of the cabinet, and its advantages and disadvantages also determine the advantages and disadvantages of the cabinet to a certain extent, which will have a great impact on the normal use and "service life" of the cabinet. In order to save costs, some small brands will use inferior hardware as good. Hardware produced in Germany is recognized as the world's top products, among which Hafele, Hettich, glass grass, Blum and other brands are preferred. In addition to the brand, the quality of hardware can be judged from the smoothness of its surface gloss, the smoothness of movement without noise, and whether there is a resistance design using cushioning

there are several types of key hardware directly related to the safety of products. The first is the code hanger of the hanging cabinet. The quality and service life of the code hanger are directly related to the safety of the hanging cabinet. The second is the door hinge. The cabinet door needs to be opened and closed thousands of times, and its service life will be very high. If the poor door hinge is used, it will cause the hidden danger of door falling off and accidental injury

second, the garbage can design is not suitable for use

now, for the sake of a neat and uniform appearance, many cabinets hide the garbage can in the cabinet. When cooking, as both hands are busy, as long as you kick the cabinet door with your foot, the garbage can will automatically "stick out your head". This seems to work well. The problem is that the garbage can is hidden in the cabinet for a long time, which is airtight, and it will always produce peculiar smell. Moreover, the garbage often thrown in the kitchen is vegetable leaves, peels, and vegetable residues with water, which are more likely to rot. Plus, it's not easy to clean up this kind of garbage can. In addition, if you kick too hard or the garbage is too full, the garbage is easy to leak out

III. there is a risk of mildew in the supersonic rice box

there is a kind of supersonic rice box in the market, which is placed in the cabinet. As long as you press the button, you can easily take rice and measure it, which is very convenient. However, the disadvantage of this kind of rice box is that it requires a certain amount of rice to be stored in order to release rice. If the stock is small, it will "strike". Once new rice is added, old rice and new rice will inevitably be mixed. In the long run, mildew may exist

IV. there are too many equipment and low utilization rate

there are also many greasy places in the design of electrical equipment embedded in the cabinet. The cabinets of many families in Europe and the United States are usually equipped with 30-40 small appliances, such as egg cookers, electric ovens, fruit Juicers, toasters, ovens, dishwashers, etc. At first glance, it looks very fresh, so I was feverish and copied it all home. After using it, I found that the utilization rate of these small household appliances in Chinese families is too low, causing waste. When buying cabinets, we should start from our own cooking habits and configure electrical appliances that are needed for a long time or with various functions at home, such as an instrument that integrates grinding, juicing, crushing, boiling and other functions. In this way, we can save the cost of buying Juicers and meat grinders

v. a series of problems hidden in plates

plates are the most used materials in cabinets, among which there are a large number of problems. When introducing products, some dealers often say that the raw materials used in their cabinets are E1 grade plates (health standards). In fact, E1 grade plates are divided into domestic E1 grade and European E1 grade. There are differences in the limit standard of formaldehyde emission and the price of plates between them. If consumers do not understand this, they may let illegal businesses fish in troubled waters. We can pay attention to the following basic contents: the thickness of the cabinet door is at least 18mm, the edge of the door panel is flat and smooth, the joint is fine, the groove shape is angular and clear, the corner is transferred smoothly, the hand feels comfortable when touching, and the smell is very light or no when smelling. When signing the cabinet order contract, consumers should pay attention to the plate grade, hardware brand and model, countertop material and other information of the purchased cabinet in detail on the contract

some small brands and workshops use inferior materials and poorly made cabinets, which may have burrs, sharp corners, gaps, etc. in the details. These parts that have not been reasonably handled are easy to cause physical harm to people, especially children. Directly handling food on these cabinets may cause accidental eating of impurities, debris, etc. due to the quality of the table, which is also harmful to health. In order to comply with the trend of green environmental protection, most businesses highlight the safety and cleanliness of cabinet materials. However, whether the products are environmentally friendly is determined by the raw and auxiliary materials used in the products. At present, China has not carried out sampling inspection on complete sets of cabinets, nor has it issued corresponding standards. In addition, some manufacturers cut corners, which is also easy to cause environmental quality problems

the skirting board is easy to be ignored, but the first problem is precisely caused by it. Because it is closest to the ground, it is easy to contact the wet ground and blister and mildew. The choice of waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew free and rust free baseboard should be considered

in addition, dust-proof crystal corners are added to the dead corners of cabinets or drawers to make it difficult for dust to accumulate in the dead corners and easy to clean. A front water retaining edge is designed on the table to prevent water from dripping. A water stop tank is designed under the edge of the table to form a ditch to block the inward flow of water. The water on the table is not easy to fall on the cabinet, which is the guarantee for the long-term use of the cabinet

in fact, when choosing cabinets, as long as you carefully foresee the possible problems and carefully arrange them according to your living habits, I believe you will turn the kitchen into a happy and safe place




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