We arrived at Holtz National Day Carnival season,

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On the National Day holiday, Holtz will give back to the majority of users with super discounts, and launch a triple shopping gift to truly benefit consumers. There is no bottom line for reducing "prices". Don't hurry to read the following

every September and October will arouse people's excited dopamine factor. It's fun to play in legal holidays, and the sales promotion in stores is so cool that it's said that investors and job hoppers will also achieve everything in these two months. Therefore, these two magical months are summarized as "golden nine and silver ten". How can such a hot shopping carnival season be without the absence of my "door" Holtz

it is reported that Holtz will give back to the majority of users with super discounts on this year's national day, and will launch a triple shopping gift to truly benefit consumers and reduce the "price" without a bottom line

specify the door type, special sale

in order to let more consumers enjoy the high-quality life from German technology, Holtz selects two popular T-shaped doors 18-21 and 12-21 for sale at ultra-low prices. The two wooden doors have the same versatile colors, the clear texture on the door panel shows full charm, and the colors or graphics outlined by simple lines become the highlight of the whole wooden door. So in Holtz National Day Carnival season, what is the price of these two special wooden doors? The surprise will be announced in the major stores on the national day. Let's wait and see

furniture activities, Juhui to the end

Holtz has formed a multi product matrix with wooden door products as the core. This national day Juhui, of course, is also full of surprises brought by furniture products. This time, Holtz launched two kinds of Special Wardrobe products, namely, the flat door wardrobe and the flat panel sliding door wardrobe. Among them, the flat door wardrobe has two styles to choose from, and there are four colors: water rhyme willow, ecological oak, weathered oak, dragon and Phoenix sandalwood, which can meet the needs of consumers for all kinds of home decoration. Customers with wardrobe needs please pay close attention to the terminal store of Holtz, and the secret of super value preferential prices is revealed in the National Day season

tmall activities are also wonderful

not only offline, but also online Holtz wooden door tmall flagship store has launched many huge benefit activities: value-added furniture packages, special price flat doors, privilege deposits... Customers who don't want to go out to physical stores can snap up products and services of the same quality and different prices as usual by moving their fingers. What preferential activities will Holtz launch during the National Day holiday? Lock in the flagship store of tmall in Mumen, Holtz, and get more fresh preferential information first

the autumn wind is cool and the red leaves are pleasant. On the occasion of the national day, Juhui is strong. Please go to the offline stores in Holtz to inquire about specific discounts! Grab is earn, Holtz promise, will live up to your expectations





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