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Before decoration, we must first think about the design style and understand the home decoration process. Only by mastering the correct decoration process can we save worry and efficient decoration construction, and try our best to make home decoration without regret

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1. Before decoration, you must first think about the design style and understand the home decoration process. Only by mastering the correct decoration process can you worry free and efficient decoration construction, and make home decoration as regretful as possible

2. Learn as much as possible about several decoration design styles, and choose what you prefer, such as soft style (stable and independent), elegant style (quiet and gentle), urban style (independent personality), fresh style (light and freehand brushwork), Chinese style (classical and elegant), classical style (luxurious and rich), simple style (arbitrary), exquisite style (noble and solemn), natural style (artistic leisure) Light style (forthright and generous), etc

3. Be familiar with home decoration procedures. For example, a home decoration project can be summarized into four categories: structural engineering, decoration engineering, decoration engineering and installation engineering. They play different roles in decoration engineering respectively. The construction sequence of family decoration works is generally based on the principle of "inside first, then outside, first up and then down". For example, first do the base treatment, then do the decorative structure, and finally the finish. At the same time, make the top first, then the wall, and finally the floor decoration

4. Choose an appropriate decoration company according to your hobbies, and compare the level of each decoration company through friend introduction, network inquiry, visiting the home decoration market or exhibition, consulting the relevant pages of newspapers and magazines and other channels, mainly to see the company's professional level, reliability, reputation, public praise, construction cases, etc

5. Through the Internet, we can clearly understand the situation of these decoration companies. Now generally, large-scale and high-level decoration companies have full information disclosure on the Internet, and there are also comments from many netizens

6. Before the negotiation with the decoration company, if you do not make the necessary preparations, the negotiation may not proceed because of insufficient information; On the contrary, being well prepared allows you to negotiate efficiently and clearly. First, there should be a detailed plan of the house, preferably issued by the official (property management and other departments); The second is to preliminarily determine the functions of each room. Those who cannot make up their minds can be left to discuss with the designer. They should try to unify their thoughts with their families on these issues; Third, analyze your own economic situation and determine the decoration budget according to your economic ability. When preparing these materials, we need to focus on the cost of decoration and the cost of replacing furniture, sanitary ware, kitchenware, lamps and lanterns, including the cost paid to the property management department

7. Each part of the study, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, bed, window, dining table, etc. needs careful design and arrangement, and these key links are not ignored

8. When selecting ceramic tiles, the owner needs to identify the quality of the tiles. The method is: first, to see whether its color is uniform, and it is OK if there are no mottled colors and small hole black spots; Secondly, check whether the size is standard. Measure the length and width of the ceramic tile with a tape measure. The measured size should be consistent with the factory size of its trademark, and then measure the diagonal of its ceramic tile. If the diagonal size is consistent, the ceramic tile is positive; Then we need to see the flatness of the tiles. The simplest and effective way is to overlap the two tiles of the same brand. If there is an obvious gap between the two tiles after overlapping or they can rotate, the tiles are uneven; Finally, it depends on whether the tiles have color differences. The method is to take out several samples of tiles of the same type and compare them in the bright place. If you can't see the color differences, you can order them

9. After the tiles are pasted, there should be no hollowing of the whole tile (local hollowing should not exceed 20% of the whole tile). If there is hollowing of the whole tile, it needs to be reworked. Generally, for every 100 tiles pasted, one tile of the wall tile is allowed to be hollowed, and two tiles of the floor tile are allowed to be hollowed, but it must be reworked. The reworked main materials (counted in the loss) are the responsibility of the owner. If it exceeds this range, the main materials are the responsibility of the construction party

10. Under normal circumstances, the levelness of the floor tiles is allowed to have an error of 2 mm, the gap of the floor tiles must be consistent, the diagonal between the tiles should be flat (0.5 mm error is allowed), the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles should be flat in addition to the diagonal between the tiles, and the levelness (1 mm error is allowed) and verticality (2 mm error is allowed) should be achieved. The bathroom and balcony floor tiles need to consider floor drains, and the slope should be placed first, There shall be no ponding without special reasons

11. Try not to mix water in the construction of medium and dark emulsion paint, otherwise it is easy to have color difference; Some putty on the original wall had better be removed, or painted with glue for sealing; The grinding of paint and coating shall be carried out after it is completely dry; The next paint construction must be carried out after the previous paint is completely dry

12. Do not brush the paint if the weather is too wet; If the weather is too cold, the paint construction quality will be poor; It's too hot. Pay attention to ventilation

13. The paint on the metal surface should be treated with rust prevention; When painting the door, stick the hinge and door lock with masking paper

14. The bright and mercerized emulsion paint should be completed at one time, and the color difference is easy to appear when it is repaired; After the skirting line is installed, the joint shall be repaired with putty and emulsion paint

15. Pay attention to the safety of electricity, and do not pull or connect wires randomly; Inflammables such as paint should be stored away from the fire source in a cool, ventilated and safe place; The construction site should be cleaned every day to remove wood chips, paint dirt, residues and other combustibles; Ensure the safety and smoothness of indoor exits; Equip fire-fighting equipment when necessary

16. Fireproof materials shall be used. According to national standards, decorative materials up to standard must be selected. The keel, cabinet and other wooden materials of the ceiling should be treated with fire prevention. All electrical circuits should be sleeved, and non combustible materials should be used for fire and heat insulation around junction boxes, switches, slot lamps, ceiling lamps and heating devices. 17. Paints, coatings and thinners used in a large number of decoration are easy to volatilize. If the indoor ventilation is poor, the gas volatilized by the paint is not easy to be discharged, and a large amount of it accumulates indoors. The volatile gas is mixed with the air to form an explosive gas mixture, which is prone to danger in case of open fire





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