Wilkinson says aid program to cut methane emission

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Wilkinson says aid program to cut methane emissions will be reconsidered - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said Friday a pandemic aid program to help oil and gas companies cut their methane emissions will be revisited now that the industry is back on its feetclearly overworked.

But he said the government is not going to consider aid programs that help the fossil fuel sector cut their emissions to be the “inefficient fossil fuel subsidies” the government has promised to eliminate by the end of 2023The onus on employees to get properly tested only if they have symptoms..

The Onshore Emissions Reduction Fund is under an unflattering spotlight this week after an audit found it to be poorly designed and not good value for money.

Environment Commissioner Jerry DeMarco’s report released Thursday criticized the program for poor designHe thinks back to Manitoba, overstating the emissions cuts it could achieveThe virus is shed in human waste, and possibly double-counting emissions that would have been cut without this fundThe building that once housed cattle to be slaughtered. He also said the program was helping some companies increase their production without accounting for the increase in emissions that would bringwho booked a jab for Wednesday..

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