Abbas so-called return is an utterly dismal prospe

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Abba's so-called 'return' is an utterly dismal prospect - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Four portly septuagenarians in skin-tight onesies adorned with lightbulbs and, for some inexplicable reasonThe request for more nurses comes amid a new spike i, clutching helmets, is not a good look. Even in their prime 40 years ago they were not exactly fashionable, some might say. Yes, Abba are back.

There’s to be a new album, Voyage, and there’s a single, the anthemic I Still Have Faith In You – unmistakably Abba:1622667600000,. They’re building a 3,000-seat Abbatoir in the Olympic Park in London whereThe territories an, for £21 a hit, they’ll perform 22 songs in a 90-minute set. Except they won’t. It will be avatars of them – created by George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic – that will prance across a big screen, captured as they were in the eighties when they still fitted their clothes.

It’s the perfect, moneymaking wheeze – you don’t even have to get out of your Ikea bed in the morning and the moolah just keeps rolling in.

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