Do you know how to distinguish the glass in the su

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Do you know how to distinguish the glass in the sunshine room

at present, most of the glass used by the public in their own sunshine houses choose tempered glass, but the quotation of different tempered glass in the market is also different, and the quality is also different. So how to distinguish the sunshine room glass? The following is our specific answer to this question

1. Look at the edging. All tempered glass must be finely ground on four sides. That is to say, the four sides of the glass have no sharp edges, and they feel very smooth. If the four sides of the glass do not pass the fine grinding, except that the standard is too small to be fine grinding, other conditions can basically sweep out the tempered glass

2. Look at steel Sakura. Any tempered glass must have 3C safety glass symbol printed on the glass. Any glass without this symbol can basically sweep away the tempered glass

3. Look at the intensity. A piece of qualified tempered glass, even if both ends are padded empty, an adult standing next to it will not have any doubt. Jinan Shijin is a famous brand product

the question mainly lies in the top surface, which mainly consists of two aspects:

1. The glue used to fix the top surface of the sunshine house is widely used in the material development industry of Goldilocks, which is suitable for the modified new materials of thin-walled bumpers and the glass fiber reinforced nylon 6 formed by MuCell and is widely used in automobile, machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, military industry and other industries; The 150000 ton hexanoic acid project uses the refined benzene produced by upstream enterprises and the hydrogen in the exhaust gas of recovered methanol, which is unqualified. The roof of the sunshine house must be sealed and fixed with curtain wall structural glue. It can be said that 100% of the water will leak if you choose general acid silica gel. This is the cause of water leakage on the top surface

2. Glass is shoddy. It is necessary to use tempered glass, laminated glass or wired glass to make the roof surface of the sunshine house, but some of the roof surface of the sunshine house that reduces the shrinkage is tempered glass, and others are general glass. In the meantime, a piece of cracked general glass is the glass on the image provided by the program. The result of using such glass on the roof of a sunny house is unimaginable

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