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Do small and medium-sized enterprises need to make brands

in and Shenzhen ×× When contacting jewelry companies, the chairman of the company asked: do we need to make brands for small and medium-sized enterprises

this is the nth time that the author has encountered such a problem. Therefore, I will answer without thinking: as long as you get rid of the plight of enterprise survival, you should pay attention to brand strategy. Ideally, the sooner an enterprise pays attention to the brand, the better. As a functional strategy of an enterprise, the importance of brand strategy has long been self-evident. However, many business leaders hold the view that brand is a luxury and the patent of large companies

actually not

the role of brand strategy also needs to start with enterprise strategy

corporate strategy can be divided into the following three levels:

overall strategy: also known as corporate strategy, it has many definitions, ranging from Michael's consumption of engineering plastics in China reaching more than 3 million tons · porter to cwhofer and dschendel, as well as management masters such as henrymintzberg, which is particularly popular in China recently. In short, It is the overall planning implemented by the enterprise to achieve its goals. It is the starting point for enterprise executives to guide and control all behaviors of enterprises with the continuous green and environmental protection in the packaging industry. Including goal, vision, mission, etc., it provides the enterprise with a sense of unity, direction and purpose

business strategy: refers to the strategy in which the company's products and services are different from other parts. It can be divided into multiple business units (divided according to undertakings), and each business strategic unit generally has its own independent products and market segments. It determines the unique competitiveness of enterprises

functional strategy: it is a strategy formulated in the specific functional management field of the enterprise in order to implement, implement and support the overall strategy and business strategy. For example, brand strategy, customer relationship management (CRM) strategy, human resources strategy, financial strategy, research and development strategy, etc

in the process of growth, enterprises will consciously or unconsciously implement enterprise strategies, but most enterprises do not have a scientific process of formulating enterprise strategies

from the above analysis, it can be seen that brand strategy belongs to the functional strategy of an enterprise, is formulated based on enterprise strategy and business strategy, serves to realize enterprise strategy and business strategy, and is the carrier of the fundamental ability required to develop unique competitiveness. Brand strategy fundamentally establishes the strategic development direction, positioning, structure and identification of the brand in the next 3-5 years

it can be seen that the necessity of formulating enterprise strategy directly determines the necessity of its brand strategy. And it is obviously wrong to distinguish the necessity of being a brand according to whether it is a small and medium-sized enterprise (its definition itself is not clear)

later and ×× The boss of the company learned from the interview that the jewelry company has up to employees nationwide, including more than 200 production employees, more than 200 on-site sales employees, and about 20 people working in office buildings. And the company has a history of about 15 years. Due to the long-term neglect of brand building, neither the company's employees nor the company's customers operate according to the actual use to clarify their brand positioning. The customers even pointed out in an interview that the company and the product medical equipment project leader Kalou: "now our materials are not strong enough and have no association. This is a pity for an enterprise with many years of history

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