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Do you believe the packaging of waste pesticides has become a "sweet cake"

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core tip: "in the past, we used to throw pesticides directly into the fields. Now we know that waste packaging can be exchanged for money, which is higher than the purchase price of waste products. Everyone takes the initiative to pick up everywhere in the fields, fields and mountains, and can exchange money together when collected." Xiangyang Village, Lishang Township, Lao Xiang said

[China Packaging News] in the past, our pesticide angular strength testing machine used to have many operations and pay attention to the process. When it was used, it was usually directly thrown into the field. Now we know that discarded packaging can be exchanged for money, which is higher than the purchase price of waste products. Everyone took the initiative to pick it up everywhere in the fields and mountains, and when it was collected, they can exchange money together. Xiangyang Village, Lishang Township, Lao Xiang said

recently, our county has comprehensively carried out the recycling and disposal of waste pesticide packaging. The recycling standard is: 0.2 yuan/box for pesticide waste packaging bottles less than 100ml (including ml injection, which is recycled in boxes), 0.4 yuan/box for 101ml 300ml (including), and 0.7 yuan/box for more than 301ml; Recycle waste pesticide bags less than 50g, 0.1 yuan/piece, and more than 50g, 0.2 yuan/piece

the county has a total of 3.7 million yuan of special funds for the recovery of pesticide packaging, and a total of 135 recovery points have been set up. It is mainly to reduce the damage of waste pesticide packaging to farmland ecology, reduce agricultural non-point source pollution and prevent the possibility of polluting Qiandao Lake after pesticide discarding, and it is also to effectively promote the joint treatment of five rivers. Said Yu Dui of the county agricultural administrative law enforcement brigade

pesticide bags (bottles)

where to buy, where to charge

now don't throw away the pesticide bags and bottles. You can take them in the new materials developed by the team of Washington State University to the agricultural materials store where you buy pesticides for money. The staff of the county agricultural administrative law enforcement team patiently said to the people

in recent days, the county agricultural administrative law enforcement team has been in full swing, running around 135 recycling points in 23 towns and townships in the county, signing integrity agreements with each recycling point for the recycling of pesticide packaging, and requiring them to register the sales accounts and recycling accounts, and the county agricultural administrative law enforcement team will also inspect them from time to time

in some large towns, such as fenkou Town, in order to do a good job in the recycling of pesticide packaging, they specially set up a pesticide packaging recycling assistant in the village, who will come to collect the abandoned pesticide packaging from each household from time to time. The rest of the county agricultural administrative law enforcement brigade said

before the end of April this year, the brigade arranged more than 180 relevant personnel in the county to participate in the training course on the recycling policy of waste pesticide packaging

in addition, in order to prevent some speculators from selling abandoned pesticide packaging, they require each agricultural means store to affix yellow recycling labels on the pesticide packaging to prevent people from fishing in troubled waters

in the recycle bin, people are buying things with 1 or 5 points. The maximum amount of things we recycle is 0.7 yuan, which is enough to make many buyers jealous. Therefore, there will be things that flow into the county after being purchased from other provinces for exchange. Yuhang has encountered it before. Someone bought a large car from Anhui and sent it to Yuhang for recycling. Yu said

therefore, in order to further improve the recycling work, they asked the villagers where to buy pesticides and where to recycle them, and issued more than 7 million yellow signs to 135 recycling points, requiring recycling points to affix labels to each bag (bottle) of pesticides, so as to quickly identify the source

don't worry if the yellow mark falls out during the use of pesticides. At present, every recycling point has a sales information account. As long as you find your sales records in their sales POS machines, you can also recycle it

tea merchants in big villages have recovered more than 150000 discarded pesticide packaging materials in five months.

in order to do a good job of recycling pesticide packaging materials, each township can be described as Eight Immortals crossing the sea, showing their magic powers

as early as half a year ago, the business Township in the big tea Township had taken the lead in recycling pesticide packaging. The main industry of Lishang township is tea. From May to November, it is the season when pesticides need to be applied to the tea garden. A large number of agricultural drugs are used, which leads to the fact that in these months, we can see abandoned pesticide bags thrown everywhere in each tea garden. In order to reduce the pollution of tea, we began the recycling of waste pesticide packaging on May 20. Said the head of Lishang township

according to statistics, they have recycled more than 150000 pesticide packages in just more than five months. Their recycling method is relatively unique, replacing waste pesticide packaging with daily necessities soap and paper

in the eyes of ordinary people, there is no more cost-effective business. The useless waste packaging bags can also be replaced with secret soap or paper towels

as soon as this news came out, everyone was happy to rush, but some people watched and doubted. Of course, some people did the crab eater. After trying, they learned that this kind of pie falling from the sky is not a show, nor temporary, but will continue

from May to now, members of the five water co governance team in our village go to each village every two months to recycle the discarded pesticide packaging. At the beginning of the first recycling, they received the least pesticide packaging, because everyone didn't believe it. We told the villagers that even if you only have one pesticide packaging bag, we will come to collect it. The second time we really went, the people believed it. On the third visit, many people complained about why we went so late, and people in surrounding towns collected a lot of discarded pesticide packaging to exchange for daily necessities. Said Jiang Yi, deputy head of Lishang township

he analyzed the reason why it was so popular, mainly because the soap and paper towels presented were very practical. Ten pesticide packaging bags can be replaced with a bag of paper, 15 with a piece of mysterious soap, and five pesticide glass bottles can be replaced with soap, which makes rural people very happy and take the initiative to pick up abandoned pesticide packaging everywhere. Now, no matter in the fields or in the mountains, there is no abandoned pesticide packaging in Lishang

we received the most. One of us collected a whole sack of pesticide bottles and replaced more than 200 pieces of soap, so that we often wrote a blank note to the village at last. We owe it first and buy more supplies next time, because the amount of replacement often exceeded our expectations. Said Jiang Yi, deputy head of Lishang township

he also said that he was very happy to know that the county unified the recycling of discarded pesticide packaging, because he was worried about where to put these recycled pesticide packaging. Now that there are unified disposal methods and standards for recycling, we are relaxed. I don't know whether people prefer to change soap or money, but one thing is certain. No one will discard pesticide packaging everywhere anymore

waste pesticide packaging

where to go in the end

so finally, the problem comes. Where did these recycled waste pesticide packaging go in the end

captain Yu of the agricultural administrative law enforcement brigade told us that after public bidding, Chun'an Huiduoli Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd. was determined to be the recycling transportation unit, which was fully responsible for recycling the waste pesticide packaging in the county, and regularly collected the waste pesticide packaging recycled at the agricultural materials business recycling points in the County, Finally, Leng Jinsong, the director of the Institute of composite materials and structures, School of aerospace, Harbin University of technology, introduced that the waste pesticide packaging materials were sent in batches to Hangzhou Lijia company with the qualification to deal with dangerous goods for harmless treatment

we also need to subdivide the purchased waste pesticide packaging according to different sizes and specifications, as well as bags, plastic bottles and glass bottles, so we especially hope that each recycling point can distinguish one by one when recycling. Lest we have to rework, affecting work efficiency. County Huiduoli agricultural materials company staff said

Chun'an is a large agricultural county, with Carya cathayensis and tea as the main industries, requiring a large amount of pesticides in the early stage. According to the statistics of the agricultural administrative law enforcement brigade of the county, there are about 6.4 million waste packaging materials produced by the use of pesticides in our county throughout the year, accounting for about 105 tons

this work has been listed as the annual assessment of ecological protection system of each township by the county government

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