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Do you understand the 21 characteristics of the on-site calibrator of electric energy meters

1. Equipped with 7-inch 800*480 dot matrix TFT true color LCD, it adopts a graphical operation interface similar to windows, which can be operated by touch screen or key press, and the interface display is clear and intuitive

2. Be able to check single, three-phase active and reactive electronic watt hour meters, standard watt hour meters, mechanical watt hour meters, electromechanical watt hour meters, prepaid watt hour meters and multi-function watt hour meters

3. Verification of main and auxiliary electric energy meters: the active and reactive electric energy meters of the same line can be verified at the same time

4. Measure AC voltage, current, power, electric energy, frequency, phase and power factor

5 realize the real load measurement of the comprehensive error of the low-voltage electric energy metering device, as well as the measurement of various parameters such as the transformation ratio and angular difference of the low-voltage CT

6. Waveform display and harmonic analysis: it can display three-phase voltage/current waveform, sub harmonic content, harmonic amplitude and histogram display

7. Harmonic analysis: it can analyze the harmonic content of three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power and apparent power at the same time in real time, and analyze the influence of reverse active harmonic on error in real time

8. Automatically identify the wiring error of p3/p4 watt hour meter, point out the wrong wiring position, and calculate the correction coefficient

9. When the instrument is not connected with voltage and current signals, the corresponding wiring results can be obtained by simulation according to the field data. Therefore, many plastic flexible packaging data factories and printing factories form a large loss of simulation function, which can be used as a tool for training and line checking to improve the line checking skills of field staff

10. 5A clamp error self-test: 5A current signal can be generated in the instrument and added to 5A clamp to measure the error of clamp meter. The problem of error change of 5A pliers after long service time is solved. You can know the closing condition of the clamp table at any time, and remind the staff to clean the jaw

11. It can store 5000 groups of measurement data and harmonic data

12. Electric energy accumulation function: accumulate active and reactive electric energy in any set period of time, and verify the watt hour meter without electric energy pulse output, or as a test energy-saving index

13. The built-in standard Chinese character library adopts Pinyin Chinese character input method to input Chinese characters/letters/numbers and other stored contents

14. The instrument is equipped with a USB interface. The instrument is equipped with an 8g electronic disk (which can identify any U disk). The measurement data is directly exported through the U disk and managed on the computer. The upper computer management software is used to browse, print and print the instrument data (2. The detailed measurement principle of the tensile testing machine, the load speed cannot be controlled within the specified time A4 format) standard format test report, backup and other functions

15 the instrument is equipped with rs232/485 communication interface and reads the electric energy data of multi-function electric energy meter (national standard 645 protocol)

16. At least 1mA starting power. If the user is not satisfied with the experimental data within this time, he can press the delete key to delete the experimental flow. High supply and high timing, and no-load can also identify the wiring

17. Clock calibration of electronic watch: it can verify the clock accuracy of multi-function electronic watch

18. It supports bar code scanning gun and automatically enters the code of electric energy meter (optional function)

19. Use 485 or infrared light head to read the peak, peak, level, valley and total active and reactive base of the multi-function watt hour meter. Support the national standard DL645 protocol. (optional function)

20. Support carrier meter reading. (optional function)

21. Handheld structure, anti falling wrist guard, drip plastic button, flame-retardant shell, humanized design, more safe and reliable on-site use

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