Do you accept the hottest 3D printed wedding dress

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Do you accept 3D printed wedding dress

it is reported that after the wedding dress was made, it was also at risk of being ignored, because it was the first case in private lanca, so it could not be accepted by ordinary conservatives, unless it was women who pursued fashion and avant-garde. Fortunately, it still met a "super excited" bride, wearing it to complete its wedding. Two days ago, it appeared in Colombo's mechanical equipment, which is essentially the same fashion week. As the first 3D printed wedding dress in Sri Lanka, it opened people's eyes

but to be honest, the wedding dress that the bride wore looks no different from the ordinary wedding dress. However, it is reported that this 3D printed wedding dress can be disassembled and replaced with another dress, so that the bride can calmly transition from one scene to another, which has shown its convenience and flexibility. As for the feeling of dressing, I have to ask the bride herself

3d printing wedding dress production requires three-dimensional scanning of the human body first, then inputting the parameters into the computer, then creating a unique wedding dress according to the body curve parameters, and finally printing the wedding dress with a 3D printer. At present, the wedding dress printed in 3D is the factor material of nylon powder material single-chip microcomputer controlled wear testing machine, and the length is stretched through a one-time forming latch structure. It is understood that the design of a 3D printed wedding dress takes about three weeks, while the time for printing a 3D wedding dress is reported by foreign media to take a week

3d printing technology has been popularized. As long as 1000 yuan, you can have a popular 3D printer. Making a personal 3D doll becomes more and more convenient. On the other hand, 3D printing technology, which is high-tech and applied in the medical field, has also been fully developed. Statasys, a NASDAQ listed company in the United States, released a new series of dental 3D printing equipment at this exhibition. The person in charge said: the product will be able to be used in dentistry or orthopedics. Through oral 3D scanning, combined with a series of dental special palettes of STRATASYS, this equipment can produce realistic tooth and gum models that act on dentistry or orthopedic laboratories, and perfectly present the color, texture and details similar to the real object

the application of 3D printing in the medical field has just started. In March, an opera singer who traveled all over the world became the first person in Britain to implant 3D printing artificial knee, which can reduce the burden on the environment and other advantages. The successful application of this technology will help more people who can't walk because of knee problems stand up again

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