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Cartons and cartons should not use foam alkali as adhesive. 1. Crystal materials as wine boxes, food boxes and gift boxes generally go through many processes, such as surface paper offset printing, bronzing, film coating, bonding with corrugated paper, steel wire die cutting and so on. The correct selection of adhesive in the binding process of box packaging will play a decisive role in improving the hardness, paste fastness, drying performance and other aspects of the quality of box packaging

the packaging of high-end wine boxes and gift boxes requires that the pasted products are not moldy and deteriorated, flat and solid, with good drying performance, clear and wide edges and corners, and the physical and chemical properties of adhesives are appropriate and stable

generally, white latex, polyvinyl alcohol, plant starch, dextrin, bubble alkali and other materials are used as adhesives for box packaging. When selecting adhesives, we should consider the impact of the physical and chemical properties of adhesives on paper, ink, electrochemical aluminum foil used for bronzing and film covering, and arrange production reasonably according to their physical and chemical properties, otherwise the quality of products will be affected

once, due to our carelessness in work, when making high-end wine boxes for a brewery, we chose foam alkali as the adhesive of corrugated paper and other papers, resulting in the accident that the anodized aluminum foil on the paper lost its original luster, turned into antique yellow, and the adhesion decreased. The customer's request for return has caused the enterprise to suffer great economic losses that affect the growth and development of crops

afterwards, after several days of sampling and research, we found that it was the problem of the selected adhesive - Paohua alkali. We followed the vine to analyze the physical and chemical properties of Paohua alkali carefully. The chemical name of Paohua alkali is sodium silicate, which is a colorless crystal or white powder. Generally, the two ends of the material sample are clamped on two clamps with a certain distance between them. Sand is fused with sodium carbonate and dissolved in water, which is alkaline. Its transparent slurry solution is called "water glass", and its physical properties vary with the proportion of sodium oxide and silicon dioxide in the finished product. In case of acid decomposition, colloidal precipitation of silicic acid is precipitated. It is used as filler in soap, papermaking and other industries, and also as adhesive

because the pH value of the paper is 7, it belongs to neutral substance, while the foam alkali is weakly alkaline. Using it as the adhesive of high-end wine boxes will make the paper weakly alkaline. Alkaline substances will have a certain impact on the electrochemical aluminum foil, ink, gold powder and silver powder used for bronzing, and have a certain chemical reaction, especially easy to react with the metal powder in the electrochemical aluminum foil. The taxi adopts the "ultra-fine drainage hull situation (udh)" biochemical reaction, so that the original golden, bright and shiny electrochemical aluminum foil loses its original luster, and the color completely turns into ancient yellow. Over time, it will also make the ink layer on the printed matter lose luster. Therefore, in cartons, cartons paste boxes must not choose foam alkali as adhesive. As for what kind of adhesive to use, we must first analyze the physical and chemical properties of the adhesive, as well as the impact of its acid and alkali on paper, ink, electrochemical aluminum foil, gold powder, silver powder and film covering. Generally, white latex, corn starch, polyvinyl alcohol, dextrin and other types of adhesives are more suitable. At present, foamed soda has been internationally listed as the adhesive prohibited from being used in cartons and carton products

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