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Carton enterprises need to buy carton gluing equipment

recently, information was obtained from some carton Enterprises: some users asked them to provide corrugated cartons produced by the carton gluing process, and they had questions about whether to buy automatic carton gluing equipment and whether they should also shut down automatically. With this problem, we communicated with some user enterprises such as food and small household appliances. It is found that with the continuous improvement of users' environmental requirements for the carton appearance and system appearance calibration zero in recent years, more and more customers hope that carton enterprises will use the carton gluing process. Some carton users have now begun to require their suppliers to adopt the carton gluing process to produce cartons, while most of the enterprises that clearly put forward the requirements for carton gluing are food and beverage enterprises. The requirements for carton gluing in household appliances and other industries are not high in the near future. However, with the continuous improvement of carton packaging requirements in all walks of life, the carton gluing process is becoming more and more perfect, and I believe that the application scope of carton gluing process will be wider and wider

what are the advantages of the box gluing process to win the favor of users and enterprises

the carton gluing process will also greatly increase the export share to emerging countries. Compared with the carton nailing process, there is no flat wire on the inner wall of the carton, so the contents will not be damaged during transportation. At the same time, the sticking box has no trouble of polluting the inner products due to the rust of flat wires. At the same time, the use of carton gluing process is conducive to the export of products. The European Union and other countries have made it clear that in order to facilitate the recycling of cartons, the carton sticking process is encouraged to be used for the outer packaging of imported products

although the gluing process has the above advantages, through interviews with user enterprises, carton enterprises and machinery suppliers, it is found that carton enterprises should also seriously consider the following factors before purchasing gluing equipment:

1. Cost factors. Many carton enterprises currently use manual gluing when the barrel temperature (plastic temperature) is high. It is understood that an enterprise that produces 40000-50000 cartons a day, The employees in the gluing section alone account for 1/5 of the total number of employees in the factory. The cost of personnel will be higher and higher, but the stability of efficiency and quality is very low. If the automatic carton gluing equipment is used for production, not only the production speed will be greatly improved, but also the gluing amount of each carton will be consistent, so as to ensure the product quality. Compared with nail box, the cost of gluing box is lower than nail box, and the production speed is faster. If it is a mass production operation, the advantage of gluing box speed will be reflected. Therefore, specific cost accounting is very necessary for purchase decisions

2. packing method of the user enterprise if the product price of the user enterprise is relatively low and the shape is irregular, the user will not use the automatic packing line of hot-melt adhesive boxes, which requires the carton factory to provide them with bonded folding cartons. Therefore, for carton enterprises that supply this part of users, the market space of carton gluing technology is very huge. On the contrary, if users have plans to buy automatic packing equipment, they will buy cardboard in the future, and the gluing machine will lose its place. Therefore, a careful study of the packaging improvement direction of user enterprises is also crucial for the purchase decision-making of carton enterprises

3. the gluing process of user's box type has less connection strength than that of nail box, and it is also difficult to use the gluing process for offset covered cartons. Therefore, the cartons produced by the gluing process serve specific types of user enterprises. At present, the key to adopting the gluing process lies in the requirements of users and enterprises and the corresponding testing standards. Carton enterprises should consider what kind of customers to provide products for. When selling carton packaging with light weight or small size, customers have high requirements for aesthetics, so the carton gluing process is undoubtedly the first choice, because the size of the carton is small, and the nail box affects the aesthetics, and it is easy to nail the joint and produce waste products. This is the strength of the carton gluing process, while the packaging of large household appliances and large objects is still the market of nail box packaging. Analyzing the types of users and their regulations on the use of cartons will provide corresponding references for carton enterprises to make purchase decisions

in the increasingly competitive market environment, it is an important decision for carton enterprises to purchase new equipment. They need to communicate more with users, and consider and judge from various aspects and development perspectives in order to make a wise decision

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