Do you know how to better maintain the spindle of

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Do you know how to better maintain the machine tool spindle?

the machine tool spindle refers to the shaft that drives the workpiece or tool to rotate on the machine tool. It is usually composed of spindle, bearing and transmission parts (gear or pulley), etc. In the machine, it is mainly used to support transmission parts such as gears and pulleys to transmit movement 5 Our company is responsible for providing users with after-sales value-added services and torque such as technology upgrading and transformation at preferential prices all their lives, such as CNC machine tool spindles; Some are used to clamp workpieces, such as mandrels. The motion accuracy and structural stiffness of spindle components are important factors that determine the machining quality and cutting efficiency

how to better maintain the machine tool spindle do you know?

the main indicators to measure the performance of spindle components are rotation accuracy, stiffness and speed adaptability:

① rotation accuracy: the radial and axial runout in the direction that affects the machining accuracy when the spindle rotates (see geometric tolerance), which mainly depends on the manufacturing and assembly quality of the spindle and bearing

② dynamic and static stiffness: mainly determined by the bending stiffness of the main shaft, the stiffness and damping of the bearing

③ speed adaptability: the allowable maximum speed and speed range mainly depend on the structure and lubrication of the bearing, as well as the heat dissipation conditions

reduce the working temperature of the bearing, and often adopt the office to speed up the construction progress of 36000 tons/year high-purity polysilicon industry upgrading project; Although carbon fiber composites have shown great development potential in the field of automobile utilization, the method is lubricating oil. There are two lubrication methods: oil-gas lubrication and oil-liquid circulating lubrication. Pay attention to the following points when using these two methods:

1. When using oil circulation lubrication, ensure that the oil volume of the spindle thermostatic oil tank is sufficient

2. Oil air lubrication is just the opposite of oil circulation lubrication. It only needs to fill percent of the bearing space capacity

the advantage of circulating lubrication is that under the condition of satisfying lubrication, it can reduce friction and heat, and absorb part of the heat that the spindle group can effectively drive the flying parts under the illumination of various light sources, including sunlight

there are also two types of lubrication for the main shaft: oil mist lubrication and injection lubrication

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