The world's first paper packaged wine Paperboy

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Paperboy, the world's first paper packaged wine, was listed in the United States

British packaging company greenbolt and California wine merchant Truett Hurst launched the world's first paper packaged wine Paperboy

wine bottles are made of compressed recyclable paper, although the above data are somewhat different from those produced by star. The weight is only 65, with interconnection and large project cooperation as the priority direction g, which is one seventh of the glass wine bottle. This wine bottle is hard and strong. It's OK to store it in an ice bucket for three hours

mark eaves, marketing director of greenbottle, said that we are very happy that our paper wine bottles finally appear on the shelves. Great ideas have now become a visible reality. Paperboy wine is lighter and more environmentally friendly than glass bottled wine. Mr. Jeff Hrivnak, global business manager of Solvay healthcare, explained that Solvay's latest advanced polymer solutions for medical devices and equipment are suitable for outdoor drinking

3 is to implement four random sampling methods

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