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Application of Emerson Inverter in paper industry

I. overview

paper industry is one of the basic industries in China. Domestic pulp and paper enterprises are large in number and widely distributed

the old paper machine transmission system mostly uses a single ordinary asynchronous motor to drive each transmission roller shaft through belt pulley, gear and clutch, which is driven by mechanical step speed regulation. The mechanical structure is complex, the operation is unreliable, and the maintenance workload is heavy

now most paper-making enterprises adopt the transmission mode of multiple DC electric trapezoidal screw machines driving each transmission roller shaft, which can achieve stepless speed regulation, but the maintenance is quite troublesome due to the existence of carbon brushes

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II. Composition of the frequency conversion transmission system of the paper machine

the structure of the paper machine roughly includes headbox, part, pressing part, drying part, calendering, and the whole structure of adopting such materials will also be very soft and curly. The transmission system is a speed chain coordination system composed of multi segment transmission points.

requirements for the control system:

1. A certain transmission ratio should be maintained between the transmission points of each segment to make each transmission The linear speed of the roll shall be consistent

2. Drive the paper machine continuously and smoothly

3. It has the functions of smooth acceleration and deceleration, inching and crawling

plc communicates with the frequency converter through RS485 to control the start, stop and operation control of the main transmission point. At the same time, the operating parameters and fault information obtained from the frequency converter are transmitted to the upper computer

the upper computer will process the obtained information, display graphics, monitor, and generate data reports

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III. advantages of TD series inverter in papermaking system

field panel, terminal control and remote communication control switching operation, inching, crawling, operation switching control.

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pulse encoder feedback can be accessed to form a speed closed loop to meet high-precision control requirements

for thin paper, it can be considered to add a tension sensor before crimping, so as to ensure that the paper can be rolled continuously

carry out RS485 serial port communication with PLC to realize the digital speed chain synchronous operation of single master and multiple slaves. It can carry out single fine-tuning and system joint commissioning. The control accuracy is high to ensure the synchronous operation between all divisions

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