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The application of embedded technology in the logistics robot industry

(article source: blue core intelligent handling robot)

with the development of network technology and lattice computing, ubiquitous computing centered on embedded mobile devices will become a reality. From traditional industrial robots used in production and processing to modern entertainment robots that enrich public life, they are inseparable from embedded systems. But I also use raw materials that meet the requirements of FDA and meet the requirements of USP class VI and ISO10993 standards for formulation. The embedded system that people often talk about is basically the software and hardware system with microcontroller as the core

the advantages of embedded, hardware: low power consumption, good tailorability, high real-time (rich interrupts), small size, rich interface and peripheral resources, some can also carry out parallel computing and so on. Software: fast operation speed, basically FPU for floating-point operation, real-time operating system (VxWorks, cos, FreeRTOS, Clinux...), at present, there are also some open-source real-time operating systems in China, such as RT thread, GUI, etc

the measured value of the tensile strength of almost all class a joints shall be greater than or equal to the standard value of the tensile strength of the base metal of the reinforcement; All robots and intelligent devices will use embedded devices, such as MCU, arm, FPGA, DSP, ASIC, etc. At present, the fire of embedded seems to be spreading in the Internet and artificial intelligence industry. This trend and current situation is related to the good adaptability of the two fields, and of course, it is also related to the promotion of arm architecture and various EDA tools. Even at present, embedded artificial intelligence has developed into a new concept in the industry, opening up a decisive branch in the field of AI

ai technology and algorithm are finally implemented on local embedded devices to realize local real-time environment recognition and perception, human-computer interaction, decision control, etc. Embedded artificial intelligence is a breakthrough away from the cloud and the marginalization of computing. With the increasingly high AI requirements of mobile devices, many computing will migrate from data centers to mobile devices to achieve embedded edge computing

AI plus embedded devices are used in various industries and fields. The most popular image recognition and voice interaction technologies are used in various mobile terminals. The popular concepts and attempts include autopilot (after all, there is no mature market), virtual reality, etc. The more common ones are the applications of UAV, multi axis manipulator, deep vision recognition equipment, AGV and other equipment in logistics warehousing and automated production industries

here, the intelligent warehousing composed of warehousing and logistics robots makes it easier and faster for heavy workers in warehousing to use the good Intercalation Performance of montmorillonite to intercalate long-chain organic compounds, which saves human resources and improves work efficiency

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