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Recently, at the 16th Beijing international printing information exchange conference held at the Chinese workers' home, Mr. Zhao Wenwen, deputy general manager of Liaoning Shenmei Longmeng new environmental protection materials Co., Ltd., introduced some applications of environmental protection stone paper in improving the level of process equipment in the printing field

Stone paper is made of powdered stone as the main raw material, plus 15% polyethylene and 5% adhesive. Compared with traditional paper, it has great advantages in environmental protection, energy conservation, fire prevention and so on

in the field of printing, environmentally friendly Stone paper can be mainly used in self-adhesive labels:

in the daily chemical industry, if the quality of stone paper in printing power and power: 3 super kitchen packaging phase 4 line 50hz380v180w brush is improved, it will develop greatly

in the electronic and electrical industries, breakthroughs can be made according to the characteristics of stone paper suitable for monochrome printing, such as fixtures, jaws, connecting pins, etc

in the pharmaceutical industry, according to the characteristics of stone paper, it has great prospects in hanging labels, low permeability labels, small caliber labels, fluorescent labels, low temperature labels, etc; Especially in the two aspects of blood bag label and blood collection vessel label, stone paper has incomparable advantages

in the field of chemical industry, stone paper has good softness, small profit space and large market demand

in the forum industry, because of its softness, water resistance, oil resistance, anti falling off and other characteristics, it is suitable for making tire tread labels

in the steel industry, it also has great advantages because of its high temperature resistance

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