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Application of Emerson Industrial control products in steel cord

Abstract: the medium wire heat treatment line is an important part of the heat treatment production process of radial tire steel wire, and has high requirements for the performance and reliability of electromechanical equipment. This paper introduces the requirements of the production process for frequency converters and PLC products, as well as the innovative solutions proposed by Emerson for the production process


steel cord is mainly used in the production of automobile tires. With the rapid development of automobile industry, the market prospect of steel cord is promising. Since 2002, Jiangsu, Shandong, Liaoning and Hubei have been building and expanding steel cord production bases. Through the digestion and absorption of the imported equipment in the early stage and the improvement of the domestic electromechanical technology level, the current production equipment of steel cord, such as linear wire drawing machine, medium wire heat treatment equipment, water tank wire drawing machine, strand forming machine and external winding machine, are gradually nationalized. In order to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition, improve equipment performance, reduce equipment costs, and seek innovative solutions have become an important concern of equipment manufacturers and final manufacturers

II. Process requirements and control system composition

medium wire heat treatment is to normalize the semi-finished steel wire through heat treatment to eliminate the work hardening produced by the steel wire in the drawing process. It is a continuous process. Electric vehicles are the main focus of the automotive industry today. The schematic diagram is as follows:

process requirements:

1. For semi-finished wires with a certain diameter (d), the traction speed (V) should be kept constant, that is, the value of d/v should be constant

2. The tension (f) of semi-finished wire between traction wheel and take-up wheel should be kept constant. At the same time, because the take-up wheel adopts the central winding mode, the tension taper should be controlled

manufacturer conditions:

1. To control costs, 4 Tensile test (strength indicators include: spring modulus, specified non proportional elongation stress, tensile strength, maximum force, etc.) the manufacturer only provides timing logic control signals, not signals such as tension feedback, motor encoder, etc

2. The supplier's products must have more than two years of mature application experience in domestic wire drawing machine leading enterprises and provide solutions

analysis: if the above limit (2) benefit reduction conditions are not considered, the above process can be solved through a very common central winding scheme. Because Emerson has a special TD3300 tension control frequency converter specifically for this kind of process, but the conditions required for checking the supply voltage of the power supply and the three tension control modes of the TD3300 frequency converter (tension feedback signal or tension open-loop closed-loop vector torque mode) are not available. For this reason, we have provided the following solutions for the manufacturer, which have been recognized by the manufacturer

as shown in the above figure, EV1000 frequency converter is selected according to the accuracy requirements of driving wheel speed stabilization. The difficulty of the whole process lies in the tension control of the take-up pulley. According to the operating frequency range of the winding wheel (60hz~5hz) and the tension control accuracy requirements of semi-finished wire (± 20%), it is decided to use TD3000 frequency converter for direct torque control. The torque setting instruction is given by PLC after a series of calculations according to the user's settings. According to the number of PLC points, program capacity and calculation speed required by the process, it is decided to choose ec20-bra2012 PLC newly launched by Emerson

three control principles

1. Semi finished steel wire take-up speed control

due to the stable speed accuracy of EV1000 inverter operation

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