80% of the coating products in the hottest Yunnan

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80% of the coating products in Yunnan market come from Guangdong

80% of the coating products in Yunnan market come from Guangdong

March 23, 2012

[China coating information] 80% of the coatings in Yunnan are transported from Guangdong. Unlike furniture, coating cannot be monopolized by local enterprises in Yunnan, and there are few local coating enterprises in Yunnan. In 2011, the paint market in Yunnan continued to expand, mainly due to the continuous increase of Kunming furniture factory. For example, Haikou home furnishing Technology Park, with an investment of 6 billion yuan, has greatly increased the demand for coatings

coating · 2012

although coating is a small industry in the household industry, its role is decisive. No matter it is home decoration or furniture, it is not an accessory of home decoration and home furnishing. Good paint can give people health and beauty, and it can also drive the development of the home market. Cenmingjun, marketing manager of Kunming Office of freshman paint in Zhongshan, Guangdong, introduced the new changes in the paint industry in 2012, and how consumers can judge whether the paint they buy meets the standard

In the second half of 2011, the national quality supervision department began to strictly manage safety indicators. Whether the formaldehyde and other chemical substances exceed the standard, and whether the plate, glue and paint meet the standard. In the second half of 2011, relevant departments have begun to take action. By 2012, the new policy of safe production has been implemented in coastal areas, and will gradually expand to the Yunnan market

2012 is still dominated by the purchase of finished products

before 2011, consumers in many places would choose to go to the market to choose paint for home decoration, and then ask the mobile workers to operate with the piston 1. According to the analysis of insiders, more consumers will consider purchasing finished furniture directly in 2012. The advantage of purchasing finished products is that the volatilization of chemical raw materials will be completed in the factory, because furniture takes a lot of time in production and will be stored for a period of time in the seller, so the harmful substances have almost volatilized in 2017 when they reach the hands of consumers. If you operate in your own home, it will not only affect the health of your family, but also affect the health of your neighbors. Consumption pays attention to life and health, so it is safer to choose metal sheet samples by wedge clamping

2012 paint technology breakthrough year

this year, waterproof paint coatings will be made. When making furniture, the paint will penetrate into the wood. In order to make furniture have a smooth and transparent paint like glass, this year's research on water resistance will be a major breakthrough in this industry. This will become a major requirement for coatings in the future. The paint in southern China is mainly bright and smooth, and there will be a technological breakthrough in 2012

how to choose paint

80% of furniture manufacturers use PE clear flavor primer, but few manufacturers can produce this standard product. The order cycle of paint is relatively fast. The shelf life of PE is only three months and that of Pu is 12 months. Therefore, mass production is generally not allowed

1 raw materials that do not meet the national standard can smell pungent smell as soon as the lid is opened, which is burning and dazzling to the eyes

2 under the condition of ventilation, the products that meet the standard basically will not have a strong taste after 48 hours

3 it is recommended to touch the wall by hand after it is dry to check whether it is thoroughly lubricated. The normal temperature is 25 ℃, and it can be touched after curing for 48 hours

4 enter the room from the outside and judge whether it meets the standard by smell. If 4 is the indispensable testing equipment for material development, physical property experiment, teaching research, quality control, incoming inspection, random inspection of production line, and the taste is still obvious after 8 hours, it indicates that the coating is not up to standard

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