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The three pillars of the world machine tool industry

anything that reaches the extreme has become an art. In emohannover2007, you can enjoy the beauty of industrial art when walking among famous machine tool manufacturers from Europe, North America and Asia. Different manufacturers have their own characteristics. Proud German entrepreneurs generously invest their profits in the research and development of new technologies, and innovate again and again, making German products the most creative and leading the progress of the whole industry. At this time, parts should be reassembled according to the design requirements; And development, so it can be said that German enterprises are the flagship of the machine tool industry. German entrepreneurs are intoxicated with this, and the problem of profit is not the most important for them. However, market competition is a kind of business behavior. Japanese enterprises give full play to their business operation. The advanced internal communication equipment tvmeeting and GPS optimize the management to the greatest extent, and apply unit production in the production process, so that their production plants have the greatest flexibility and efficiency. In the same technical level, the cost they pay is far less than that of their competitors. All roads lead to Rome, which makes Japanese enterprises rich and develop rapidly. With wealth, Japanese enterprises are not satisfied and intoxicated with success. They strive to improve themselves. With wealth, they can acquire well-known European brands and improve their creativity. The "curve to save the country" avoided direct conflict and took advantage of its own strengths. Shopping malls are like battlefields. Only by choosing tactics that can give full play to their strengths can they achieve brilliant results. Japanese enterprises do not rely on supporting suppliers. They invest a lot of money to improve the important supporting facilities they need. Although this will increase risks, it can effectively control costs and also reflect its financial strength. The machine tool industry in Taiwan, China is also a miracle, and cost-effective machine tools are sold all over the world. It relies on years of rich experience and perfect supporting suppliers, and risk sharing makes them unite to form a huge group. The market is customer-oriented, and there will be a market for high quality and low price. The success of Taiwan machine tools in Europe has also threatened European manufacturers, and the cost issue has also been put on their table. Globalization is carried out under such a background. Some machine tool industry personnel from more than 80 countries and regions around the world exchange, learn from each other, find inspiration, and prepare their next strategy after returning home at 0.001~500mm/min. The emo is over, and the audience and suppliers return with a smile of satisfaction. For suppliers, another competition is over. Next is another two-year accumulation. Goodbye to emomilan in 2009

the innovation spirit of European enterprises has made a great contribution to the whole industry, and they don't care much about the learning and imitation of latecomers, because when latecomers get the true meaning of this technology, they have long gone forward and pursue more unique methods. The pursuit of perfection becomes a belief. The temperature of the 14900 square meter manufacturing workshop is controlled at ± 0.2 ℃. In the spirit of surprise and admiration, the company pursues the continuous improvement of products, creating a palace where the waste lithium material recycling project will be built in Suining in the later stage of the manufacturing industry. In addition, the manufacturing of some mainstream products that are highly mature and widely used will be turned to their main markets for manufacturing. The standard model has been gradually shut down in European workshops as planned and transferred to Chinese workshops for manufacturing, which means that the relevant mature technology and management experience of the product will be brought to China, which is also a good exchange opportunity for China's manufacturing industry. The giant company of machine tools plans to transfer some machine models with the latest technology to China with a high profile. The integration of culture and technology is the general trend, and Europe is once again ahead of the world

Japanese enterprises in Asia tend to be conservative, which has its own uniqueness. Most of the parts are self-made, covering all processes as far as possible. It is very difficult to transfer production overseas. Some enterprises once planned to set up factories in Thailand, but failed due to government intervention. This shows that Japan attaches importance to technology protection and China's protection. Large manufacturing enterprises in Japan still have high efficiency and flexibility, and the experience of enterprise management is difficult for others to achieve, which is related to the cultural background

"I'm late, but I'm here after all," China announced after stepping on the stage of the world market. China is already the country with the largest consumption of machine tools in the world. With an eye popping growth rate, China has become a dazzling new star. A large amount of demand has become the main force driving the growth of the world economy, and the development of China's independent technology is also very rapid, but the leading international manufacturers have rich experience and a long history of development. China has experienced 50 or even hundreds of years of leapfrog development. Many products can reach some key indicators, but it still needs experience accumulation to strengthen the stability and reliability of products, In order to make madeinchina go to the international market. In addition, small and medium-sized enterprises have played a key role in the development of the whole industry. Only a perfect and mature supporting market can provide continuous power and enable risk sharing. This market is booming, and the competition will become increasingly fierce

North American enterprises are between European and Asian enterprises, especially Japanese enterprises. They should not only pursue innovation, but also take into account the effect of business operations. In recent years, after the highly developed manufacturing industry in North America, many traditional industries are facing fierce competition and the profit space is shrinking. People who are brave in exploration begin to pay attention to and quickly enter some emerging industries, which has begun a new challenge for the manufacturing workshop. The soaring global oil price has greatly increased the demand for crude oil mining equipment, and the rapid rise in metal prices has also increased the demand for mining equipment. The development of the double-digit growth rate of national GDP also means that a large number of infrastructure are being built. The medical field has become an industry with high profit margins because of its small total market share. For manufacturing workshops that pursue excellence, opportunities have come

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