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Epoxy resin should be used in Shenyang WorldExpo garden

epoxy resin should be used in Shenyang WorldExpo garden

November 1, 2005

October 30, the "glass bridge" in the main entrance square of Shenyang WorldExpo garden was officially completed. The deck of the first glass bridge in Shenyang, which was just born, was glued with epoxy resin adhesive; The glass bridge underpass was officially opened to traffic, and its pavement was paved with the most advanced epoxy modified asphalt in the world. As people celebrate the opening of bridges and roads, people from the China epoxy resin industry association are also immersed in self pulling machines

it is reported that the final consumption of the middle part of the glass bridge and ordinary plastic may increase. The bridge deck is basically the same, except that a water fountain and a dry fountain will be built on the bridge deck respectively. The bridge decks on both sides are built of 36 laminated glass pools, which has a transparent effect. Tourists can stand above the glass bridge and see the scenery of driving under the bridge. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that each laminated glass pool is formed by two layers of epoxy glue with high fastness adhered to three layers of glass. The thickness of the whole glass pool is 80 cm, and the area on the bridge deck is close to 6 square meters. The color of the glass is green. After the "glass bridge" is completed, 10 of the 36 glass pools will be filled with some water, and tourists will feel a little like taking a boat when walking on it

located 140 meters below the glass bridge, it is a two-way 6-lane underpass representing "higher, faster and stronger". The pavement is paved with the most advanced epoxy resin modified asphalt in the world, which has the functions of anti-skid, waterproof and rutting prevention, and is durable. At present, this kind of material is mainly used on the steel deck of a few bridges in China, and high-grade highways in Shanghai and Wuxi have also begun to be used in "individual" sections. It is the first time to use underground pavement

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