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The application of enydrive frequency converter in industrial washing machines

in recent years, industrial washing equipment, especially water washing equipment, has become more and more popular. The application of frequency converter has also brought a new technological revolution to industrial washing equipment, from the earliest non adjustable semi-automatic washing machine to a four speed full-automatic washing machine with two two two speed motors, Finally, it developed into a modern washing machine that can realize multi-stage speed with only one motor

the washing process of the full-automatic washing machine is as follows:

first, add water, wash in positive and negative directions for 25 minutes. After washing, drain water and enter the dehydration stage. The dehydration stage includes three processes: uniform distribution, medium stripping and high stripping. Uniform distribution is to rotate forward for 1.5 minutes at a higher speed than the washing process when there is water and no water, so that the clothes are evenly attached to the inner side of the drum of the washing machine, so as to make the subsequent dehydration process stable; After drainage, increase the speed to enter the medium speed dehydration process (2 minutes), and then enter the high-speed dehydration process (5 minutes) to reduce the moisture content of clothes to the required level

there are two ways to set the speed:

1) set the running speed of each stage directly on the frequency converter in the way of multi-stage speed

2) set the running speed of each stage by means of communication through the special control computer of the washing machine

the running speed of each stage is:

washing: about 30rpm

uniform distribution: about 60rpm

medium stripping: about 400rpm

high stripping: 700 ~ 800rpm

industrial washing machines require frequency converters to provide high torque, multi-stage speed, wide voltage range, automatic slip compensation and convenient communication; It has stable performance and can adapt to the high temperature and high humidity environment of various hotels and hotel laundry rooms; The frequency converter supplier can provide timely and perfect services. In short, the frequency converter is required to adapt to the specific washing process requirements of industrial washing machines and the service requirements of specific customer groups. Since 1992, our company has been exploring the production of fully automatic frequency conversion industrial washing machines, and has introduced European and Taiwan brand frequency converters, which have been successfully tested for the first time in the country. Because frequency converters are the core and key components of industrial washing machines, the above two brands have shortcomings in quality, service and price. In 2001, we introduced Emerson frequency converters from the United States, Emerson's business philosophy of "paying attention to customer needs" and the joint guarantee service centers and drive centers all over the country and even the world have attracted us. E ⑵ precision grade Merson frequency converter has excellent performance, reliable quality, appropriate price, simple adjustment and convenient operation. According to our company's technical requirements, Emerson frequency converter adopts the first v/f curve automatic adjustment technology, which automatically diagnoses and adjusts the v/f curve according to the washing condition, It makes the washing machine start smoothly and reduce the current. It was first used in our 200kg automatic washing machine in 2001. It has been running stably and reliably since then

schematic diagram of electrical wiring principle of industrial washing machine:

this year, in order to further reduce costs and improve product competitiveness, our company introduced more than 3.5% of the new variable frequency motors. The new motors require the frequency converter to provide manual v/f curve adjustment function, and enerson developed a new frequency converter for our company, The newly developed technology with relevant patents obtained by Fadel company has been added, which makes the shoes have better temperature conditioning and durability v/f curve function. In industrial washing machines, the required v/f curve is as follows:

in the figure: A, a represents the lowest voltage and lowest frequency

b, B represents the intermediate voltage and intermediate frequency

c, C represents the highest voltage and basic operating frequency

(some places of a and a will become stress concentration areas) the point can be at the origin, the range of a is approximately between 0 ~ 4Hz, and the range of a is approximately between 0 ~ 25V. Adjusting point (A and a) can affect the starting torque of the equipment, Thus affecting the washing speed of the equipment. If point (a, a) moves down, the starting frequency of the equipment is low, and the washing machine starts slowly and smoothly, which requires a large low-frequency starting torque of the frequency converter

The adjustment of point (B, b) of

, which is very important, directly affects the running current of the equipment during washing. If the slope between points (a, a) and (B, b) is large, that is, the slope of the v/f curve is steep, the operating current will be large, but the slope is too slow, which needs to be adjusted according to experience

take the 100kg washing machine as an example:

(a, a) points: 2Hz, 24V

(B, b) points: 25Hz, 112V

(C, c) points: 50Hz, 380V

after the test on the 100kg washing machine (the frequency converter is tdt0110g, 11kw), the data are as follows:

the above data are obtained from repeated tests for two days, during which there was a continuous operation for four hours, no abnormal accident, and the temperature rise of the frequency converter is very small. In addition, similar conclusions are drawn on 30kg, 50kg and 70kg models. Before using the new motor and Emerson frequency converter, the running current of 100kg automatic washing machine is about 30a, and 15kw frequency converter must be used. It can be seen that Emerson frequency converter plays an important role in reducing the cost of our washing equipment. Emerson Inverter is indeed a high-quality inverter suitable for washing equipment

author unit: Penglai washing equipment factory of Shandong Xiaoya Group (end)

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