Application of the hottest embedded system in VPN

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The solution and application of embedded system in VPN solutions

I. system description

after years of development, a group has expanded its business in major cities in China, and has established a number of branches and offices. At the same time, its products are sold to overseas markets to have a similar scale. In order to realize the further expansion of the enterprise, the existing management mechanism and network system must be transformed. According to its own characteristics and development needs, the construction of the enterprise network is entrusted to a professional company, and whether there is noise to meet the following requirements:

1 network security

2 people in different enterprises get different levels of authority

3 ensure the normal transmission of data of domestic and overseas branches

4 can simultaneously meet the transmission with high quality requirements such as voice and image transmission, and the scalability of future networks

5 has strong manageability

II. Scheme framework

according to the needs of customers, a professional company and many large battery manufacturers are also actively developing and mass producing solutions based on VPN (virtual private) architecture, using internetvpn mode and Yanxiang intelligent hardware platform, so as to meet the needs of customers in network

in view of the disadvantages existing in the current situation of this network and the higher requirements of enterprises for business, the proposed VPN solution has the following technical characteristics:

1. VPN (virtualprivatenetwork) refers to the technology that relies on ISPs (Internet, service providers) and NSPs (network service providers) to establish a dedicated data communication network in public networks. In VPN, the connection between any two nodes does not have the end-to-end physical link required for traditional private use, but is dynamically formed by using some public resources

2. In terms of security, all VPN methods can ensure the specificity and security of data transmission through the public network platform. Establishing a logical, point-to-point connection on a non connection oriented public IP network is called establishing a tunnel. Encryption technology can be used to encrypt the data transmitted through the tunnel, so as to ensure that the data is only understood by the designated sender and receiver

3. It can provide different levels of service quality assurance (QoS) for enterprise data. Different users and businesses have different requirements for service quality assurance. Through traffic prediction and traffic control strategies, bandwidth resources can be allocated according to limited levels to achieve bandwidth management, so that all kinds of data can be transmitted in a reasonable sequence to prevent congestion

4. Scalability and flexibility. VPN (virtual private network) can support data flow on Intranet and extranet, easily add new nodes, and support a variety of transmission media

5. In terms of VPN Management, it is convenient to establish a VPN Management System to facilitate management

III. network topology map

transformed company network topology map:

IV System hardware configuration (see page data for specific information of corresponding hardware products)

VPN off:

chassis: ipc-8205 (2U rack type special chassis)

motherboard: fsc-1718vn (Gigabit port industrial motherboard)

CPU: processor supporting the latest 800MHz system bus

memory: 1gddr400

hard disk: 80g

server (mail, database, FTP):

chassis: gas prevention Hidden dangers of coal dust accumulation ipc-810b (4U multi drive rack mounted chassis)

main board: fsc-1717vn (P4 industrial CPU card, 533MHz system bus)


memory: 512mddr

hard disk: 120g


chassis: ipc-8118 (1U rack type special chassis)

main board: net-1611v4n (four port industrial CPU card)


memory: 512m

hard disk: 40g

v Advantages of VPN

vpn has many advantages when used, which are summarized as follows:

1. High network security

vpn enhances the function and security of the network in many ways. First, it provides authentication for distributed users on the existing enterprise authentication server at the beginning of the tunnel. Secondly, VPN supports security and encryption protocols, such as secureip (IPSec) and Microsoft point-to-point encryption (MPPE)

2 simplifies network design

network managers can use VPN to replace leased lines to realize the connection of branches. In this way, the tasks of installing, configuring and managing remote links can be minimized, which can greatly simplify the design of enterprise wide area. Using dial-up access simplifies the required interfaces, as well as the equipment and processing related to remote user authentication, authorization, and billing

3 using VPN can greatly reduce costs

such as the cost of renting lines, the cost of main equipment, the communication cost of mobile users, etc. using hardware products produced by Yanxiang intelligence also has certain advantages over similar products in terms of cost performance

4 the expansion ability is convenient and easy

5 fully control the initiative

with VPN, enterprises can take advantage of ISP facilities and services, while fully controlling their own networks

VI. system evaluation

1. VPN technology has brought many benefits to users. VPN has been highly recognized and widely used in European and American countries. At present, the domestic market is growing rapidly every year. With the gradual improvement of domestic network bandwidth, VPN with many advantages will also be in full swing in China

2. The application of waste materials in kindergarten education and teaching in the whole system not only cultivates children's awareness of protecting the environment from childhood, but also is reliable: "EVOC" EIP product is an industrial computer based on PC bus, which can meet the actual needs of integrated business system, with reliable and stable operation, simple expansion, simple operation and convenient maintenance of the whole system

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