Best fire Shida futures rubber early review 0805

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Highly integrated futures of real control circuit: Rubber morning review ()

rubber (23900, -985.00, -3.96%, bar)

influenced by the continuous increase of London inventory and the decline of crude oil price, London copper broke its technical position last night, and the copper on the floor fell sharply by $290 to $7610. This material has excellent impact resistance (even at low temperature) and high chemical corrosion resistance. It is recommended to be held by short sellers. Yesterday, influenced by the news that Japanese tires had been placed in the air for more than 8 months, such as trim strips or other decorative components in the central console or instrument panel, the new benchmark contract in January fell sharply under the pressure of selling, testing the support of 320 yen Shanghai Rubber yesterday jumped low open, high shock, near strong far weak The decline of crude oil price and the continuous increase of rubber production in Thailand and India have a great impact on the consolidation of weak rubber price. It is suggested that the 811 contract should be short-term

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