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Shida Futures: Rubber morning review ()

rubber (22785, -275.00, -1.19%)

driven by the overnight rise in crude oil, Tokyo rubber opened higher on Friday, focusing on avoiding. Therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot spot in the future. The quality defects in the later stage will return to around 310 yen. Shanghai Jiaotong opened higher along with the external market, and the 811 contract returned to the front line of 23000 yuan, while the 809 contract closed slightly higher and the position decreased slightly. The supply of fundamentals continued to increase and weak demand put great pressure on the rubber price. On Friday, the inventory of the Shanghai Stock Exchange increased for five consecutive weeks to 40435 tons. Recently, the rubber price is still in the consolidation stage. The sharp drop in crude oil price has limited the rebound of the 811 contract. It is suggested that the 811 contract. However, due to the increasing amount of plastic packaging waste, attention should be paid to the resistance level of 23500 yuan at the 20 day moving average and short-term operation within the day

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