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In the twinkling of an eye,

it's midsummer.

International Children's Day is about to arrive as scheduled.

for the festival that children have been looking forward to for a long time,

children's Day snacks, limited edition toys, amusement parks,

parents are still at a loss

but this wave of operation is really not suitable for us who move bricks,

it's better to build a children's room with heart

rocket armchair, little mermaid bed, pilot bedroom Tent children's bed

customized small dreamer's bedroom

suitable for children of different ages brilliant bedroom series

turn furniture into toys

stimulate children's infinite imagination and creativity through furniture

these brilliant useless furniture are customized by the Italian home art craftsman team

the children's room created is childlike

and can stimulate children's infinite creativity

during the activity (May 30 June 5)

childlike innocence "childlike fun" is with you

Italian home will guard your baby's innocent dream with you

during the activity, consult/buy products related to children's room, and enjoy the "children's Day" special discount for all orders

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