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On May 30, 2015, the two-day 2015 Bestwin dealer conference themed "safe home, get Ta" was successfully concluded in the picturesque Suzhou jingsiyuan hotel

on May 30, 2015, the two-day 2015 Baidesheng dealer conference with the theme of "safe home, get Ta" was successfully concluded in the picturesque Suzhou jingsiyuan hotel

no aldehyde added, the whole house is packed, and it is very popular

2015, budesong proposed "three campaigns of production capacity, whole house and environmental protection". In order to fully cooperate with the terminal in the battle of environmental protection and whole house storage, the company offered many preferential policies for the terminal at the annual meeting. The people of Yum! Brands in all regions were excited and in high spirits. They raised their hands and vowed to make formaldehyde free products sell well, and make sure that the whole house is stored and the single value is large

house wide storage and large single value - they are pioneers and lovers of sweets

the award of the honor is an affirmation and encouragement to the excellent dealer who won the first quarter customer unit price of Parkson wardrobe in 2015

no aldehyde added, it is easy to sell

how to sell formaldehyde free? They are role models. They comprehensively interpret, share and make progress with their families all over the country

believe in the strength of the team, the sea can be filled and the mountain can be moved

in order to comprehensively promote the aldehyde free addition series products, we should focus on the "1+n" new star activity marketing mode, and take the province as the unit to play 1+1> 2, the "hanging peach" challenge ceremony was carefully organized. All provinces voluntarily organize groups to issue annual sales target rewards and punishment challenges to the company. Peach picking provinces are full of enthusiasm and high morale. They swear to go all out, invest 100% of their time and energy, use all available resources, overcome all difficulties and overcome all challenges! Mission must be achieved, and in 2015, Baidesheng will win

action determines performance. As long as you go first, you have half the success.

"let actors think and thinkers act. As long as you go first, you have half the success.". The favorable combination of products and policies naturally won the favor of families, and they preempted the reservation of aldehyde free addition products to make aldehyde free addition enter thousands of households faster

dealers queued up one after another to book aldehyde free special promotion support privileges

all raised their hands and vowed to ensure environmental protection, whole house storage and large single value

thank you dinner, who is the star high

at the thank you dinner, the company presented music and dance performances for the family, such as dynamic laser dance and Jiangnan Silk and bamboo with unique Suzhou Hangzhou characteristics, which were pleasing to the eye. The period was also interspersed with the expected "who is the most charming male goddess tonight?" Interactive game activities attracted a lot of tricks on the scene. Everyone sang loudly, and the atmosphere was constantly rising

believe that young people will be more prosperous in the future

time flies, and the unforgettable and fulfilling two days will soon end. The 2015 dealer annual meeting of Yum! Brands also ended smoothly. The short two-day meeting made all the dealer's family excited and ready to go. In 2015, we believe in Yum! Brands, young people and families. Safe home, get TA. A beautiful 2015 is beginning. Yum! Brands will work together with its family to make the common cause more prosperous

the participating dealers took a group photo together




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