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Many people spend all their savings on buying houses, so when it comes to decoration, Gaoping mortgage loans are stretched. In order to help buyers get out of this dilemma, many banks have launched decoration loans. What should we pay attention to when applying for decoration loans

there are three things to pay attention to when applying for decoration loan:

1. Make clear the loan requirements. If you want to successfully obtain decoration loan from the bank, you'd better make clear "what are the loan requirements" before the loan, which is conducive to measuring whether you are suitable for applying for this loan

2. When applying for decoration loan, the borrower must provide proof of loan purpose (decoration contract) in addition to his/her valid identity certificate, residence certificate, marriage certificate, proof of ability to purchase the mortgaged house, etc

3. Querying a good credit record in advance can increase your probability of getting a loan and increase the loan limit. Therefore, in daily life, we must maintain our personal credit to avoid future housing loans, car loans and other businesses blocked. In addition, the small editor of the housing finance office also needs to remind that the bank will not transfer the decoration loan funds into the borrower's account, but directly into the decoration company's account

the above is the introduction of "three things to pay attention to when applying for decoration loans" by the staff of the housing finance institute. If you have questions about loans, you can directly click on the application, and our staff will contact you in time to answer the most detailed loan questions for you




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